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Aziz Mall located at prince Majed Street, Al Faisaliyah District, Jeddah. It is considered as a key destination in Jeddah city, Aziz Mall is dedicated to create a vibrant and unique upscale shopping, dining and entertainment environment for the whole family. It includes 197 shops that offers a selection of international and local brands for all groups and different rates, and clothing for both sexes and for children, and shoes, accessories, perfumes. There is a dedicated area for restaurants that includes a wide variety of world-class food offering from stylish and contemporary international brands to many family eateries appealing to all ages; each with its own distinctive aspect designed to satisfy all customers tastes. It also provides special areas for children's entertainment includes entertainment center and a city of games: - Billy Beez : Aziz Mall is more than a shopping destination with Billy Beez, the world’s largest indoor playground to keep the kids entertained while exploring the adventures of Billy and his family of bees inhabiting the rainforest full of play activities. - Sparky’s: Sparky’s is an ideal entertainment and recreation centre for the whole family.  Built around a Firefly character and friends representing speed, sparkles and foster imagination, Sparky's is a fun destination where children as well as parents can share in the excitement. It features a a “5D” cinema that allows viewers to not only see the movie but also to interact with it, a wide array of rides and arcade games, an indoor ice rink and a massive soft play area  promising intense gaming experience and lots of fun. As well as many modern facilities and global standards for customer service, Aziz Mall includes highly qualified staff is always at the forefront to ensure that all customers' needs are fulfilled by providing and delivering helpful, professional and high quality service from information assistance to Lost & Found service, ATMs, free WiFi and kids carts. Really you will enjoy a wonderful shopping experience in Aziz Mall.

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