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Taibah University located in Prince Naif Ibn Abdulaziz Road, Taibah, Medina. Taibah University is a public university, it was founded in 2003. The university was first established with only seven colleges. By 1434H – 1435H, the university had evolved to include 28 colleges and one institute. 16 of which are in the city of Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah, and the rest are in six branches: Yanbu - Ula - Al Henakiyah - Khyber - Al Mahd - Badr, colleges are: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Applied Medical Science, Applied Medical Science–Yanbu, Applied Medical Science – Ula, Medical Rehabilitation, Nursing, Science, Community College – Khaibar, ​Science- Yanbu, ​Engineering, ​Engineering - Yanbu, Computer Science, ​Computer Science – Yanbu, ​Family Science, Education, Arts & Humanities ​Arts & Humanities – Yanbu, Business Administration, Business Administration – Yanbu, Law, Sciences & Arts – Ula, Community College, ​Community College – Al Henakiyah, Community College – Mahd, Community College – Ola, Community College – Badr, Higher Institute of Imams. Taibah University working on provide top academic programs in various disciplines, and total number of academic programs is 156  out of  which, there are  94  graduate studies programs. The 7 degrees awarded by Taibah  University include: Diploma, Associate, Bachelor's, General Diploma, Higher   Diploma, Master's, and  Doctorate. Taibah University aims to develop and support research that contributes to knowledge enrichment and achievement of national developmental goals, meet market and national developmental needs of highly qualified graduates capable of effectively competing in today’s knowledge economy and globalized world, reinforce Taibah University role in serving the community and building a knowledge society, create an environment supportive of productivity and excellence. Number of Taibah University Academic staff is 1436 faculty members and 1424 teaching assistants, lecturers and language teachers. Taibah University has witnessed a radical increase in the number of its students (Men & Women). There were 7761 students in 2003. Today, there are 69110 students enrolled in Taibah University different programs. Taibah University offers parallel and distance education using advanced technology and partial face-to-face training. These programs enable students from the Madinah Region to pursue their studies in various fields.

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