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Quba Mosque located in the southwest of Madinah City, it is four kilometers from the Prophet's Mosque on "Al Hijra Road" between Mecca and Medina, it is the second largest and prestigious mosque in the city after the Prophet’s Mosque, but claims the first place owing to its importance in Islamic history having been built in the first year of the Islamic calendar. Quba mosque was built at the simple in shape, it was a square, the length of one side is no more than forty meters, and has three doors. In succession Omar bin al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him expanded the mosque and increased the number of doors to became six. In 1405, the late King Fahd bin Abdulaziz laid the foundation stone for the historic expansion of the Quba Mosque. Two years later, he inaugurated the opening of the mosque after its expansion. The mosque has been expanded to accommodate more than 20 thousand worshipers, it is cooled by three central units each with a capacity of one million and eighty thousand thermal units. The Mosque was designed with an inner courtyard with several entrances. The northern section was reserved for women worshippers. The mosque now has four minarets and 56 domes and adjoined to it is the residence of Imams and muezzins, a library, lodging for the guards in an area of 112 square meters, and a commercial center with 12 shops covering an area of 450 square meters. The mosque has 7 main entrances and 12 subsidiary ones. The mosque has 64 toilets for men and 32 toilets for women, and 42 units for ablution. Quba Mosque is a unique landmark and its white building can be clearly seen from a distance with its natural colours dominated by White colour. The Prophet (peace be upon him) made it a habit to come to Quba Mosque every Saturday, the prestigious and unique characteristics of Quba Mosque compared to other mosques are cited in this Hadith narrated by the Prophet (peace be upon him): “Whoever makes ablutions in this house and offers one prayer therein, will be rewarded the equivalent of one Umrah.”

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