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Ohud hospital
Ouhd Hospital located in Al salam Road, Al Madina in Saudi Arabia. Hospital has a prime location geographically at the intersection by the universities Road with Al Salam Road that leads the way to the Prophet's Mosque, making it easier to access. The hospital was opened in 1405 and  it started as a charity hospital and called Badr Al-Khairi until 1409, where its name become Ohud Hospital. Ohud Hospital is considered one of the largest hospitals in Madinah because it serve a lot of the population in the area of Madina, and pilgrims and visitors to Medina, it includes 261 bed that distributed over a number of medical specialties and the hospital is considered a reference center for speciality of eye, and ear, nose and throat. The hospital aims to provide the highest quality in the integrated health care through collective hard work, and provide continuous education and development for professionals working in the hospital with attention to quality control and management to ensure the care and safety of patients and community service in Madina. Ohud Hospital includes the following disciplines: diseases and surgery of ophthalmology,  and diseases and surgery of the nose and ear, general surgery, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, Pediatrics, diseases of urology, dentistry, heart diseases.

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