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Ministry of Finance

Rayatna For Furnished Apartments 3 - Standard Double Room (2 Adults)

Source: Abdul Rahman

Sorry but We have no availability here between and

You may book from below hotels!

Hotels near this landmark Ministry of Finance

Diyar Sultana

Diyar Sultana

Sadaqa ebn Yassar street

0.8 km away

SR 188.30

Jouri Hotel Suites

Jouri Hotel Suites

Alhareth ibn Ateek Road

3 km away

SR 153

Platinum The First

Platinum The First

Uthman Ibn Affan Road, 41471

3.6 km away

SR 149

Abraj Alarab Residences

Abraj Alarab Residences

Prince Abdulmajeed Bin Abdulaziz Road

3.8 km away

SR 150

Ideal Home Hotel

Ideal Home Hotel

Subsidiary University Road

3.9 km away

SR 250.30

Al Masah Al Thahabia

Al Masah Al Thahabia

Sayyed Ash Shuhada Street

4.3 km away

SR 140

Swiss International Al Madina

Swiss International Al Madina

Zubayr ibn al-Awam, 42311

4.5 km away

SR 160

Al-Ehsan Furnished Apartments

SR 282.50

Diyar Mohamed Alraqia

Diyar Mohamed Alraqia

3rd Class

Omar Ibn Al Khatab Road

4.8 km away

SR 153

Assilah Hotel

Assilah Hotel

Abi dhar Alghafari Street

5 km away

SR 170

Al Azizyah 2

Al Azizyah 2

Ar Rabia Al Ansari,

5.3 km away

SR 117.70

Shomoukh Al aziziyah Hotel

Shomoukh Al aziziyah Hotel

Albukhary Street

7 km away

SR 170

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Al Mughaisilah, Medina 42315, Saudi Arabia

4.9 km away from city center


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