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Ministry Of Civil Service - Medina Madina

Ministry Of Civil Service - Medina
Ministry of Civil Service Madina Branch located in Madina in Saudi Arabia. The function of the Ministry to plan the civil manpower required in the government sector and to ensure that the competence of civil servants matches the requirements of the Kingdom as it implements its various development programs. There was phases and multiple steps which commensurate with the period experienced by the civil service. In 1929 H, a central unit was created for the first time to follow-up and maintain public employee affairs, and public service jobs were categorized into three levels as well. Consequently, a record officer position was designed in the Public Prosecutor Bureau to keep records of public employees. This stage can be considered as the starting point for a certain stage concerned with public employee's affairs. Particularly, with the existence of the first central position concerned with employee affairs and registers their documents. In 1932, the public job records central role continued via issuance of government employees system, which is the first actual Civil Service System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that includes principles and new rules unmentioned in previous directives.  In 1939, a centralized management of government employee affairs became a part of the formation of the Ministry of Finance by the name of (Bureau of Government Employees and Prescribed Returns). This was followed by a qualitative development in the affairs of public employees with the issuance of the first system concerned with government employees in 1945 called (General Personnel System). "Bureau of Government Employees and Annuities" was changed to "Employees Bureau and Retirement". In 1953, the administrative status in the Kingdom witnessed a major shift prospected by the public service requirements in that period, as the Council of Ministers was established. In the same year, the Personnel System was issued and appending the General Personnel Bureau with  the Council of Ministers instead of the Ministry of Finance. In order to activate the role of the Bureau, the Council of Ministers issued a resolution in 1963 to develop the Bureau and, identify Bureau's general areas, upgrade the rank of the Bureau's head to the rank of minister and to be related directly to the Prime Minister. This was followed by the issuance of the Royal Decree in 1965 stating that the Bureau is responsible for supervising the public institutions and review their functional affairs. The developmental stages of the Personnel Bureau continued until the Royal Decree on 12/2/1970 was issued approving the Supreme Committee for Administrative Reform Resolution in 1969 related to the new organizational structure of the Bureau as a body responsible for supervising the affairs of civil service employees in all governmental entities. Development movement of the civil service did not stop at this point. In 1977, a significant evolutionary leap took place after the issuance of the Royal Decree approving the establishment of the "Civil Service Council," as an independent legislative body headed by the Prime Minister, and responsible for planning a general policy of the civil service and developing plans and programs necessary for their implementation, and issuing regulations related to the affairs of civil service employees. This was accompanied by modifying the name of the Bureau of Employees to the General Bureau of Civil Service as well as issuing another royal decree approving a new system called Civil Service System. This was followed by the issuance of the Council of Ministers' decision in 1978 approving the application of civil service system rules on most public institutions employees. In 1999 was issued a royal decree approving the establishment of the Ministry of Civil Service to replace the General Bureau of Civil Service. Ministry of Civil Service aims to provide a civil service that represents professional practices, through human resources with distinct capacities contribute efficiently and effectively in improving performance and productivity, upgrading its employees and services, and advancing the administrative development process in various sectors of government, and it Working on the provision of merit-based systems, policies and procedures characterized by transparency, integrity and equal opportunities of selection, recruitment and development to achieve job satisfaction for civil servants in Saudi Arabia and upgrade the level of services provided to citizens.

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