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Islamic University of Madinah located at Abu Baker Al Siddiq Street - Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Street, Madinah. Islamic University of Medina is a public university that specializes in Sharia and Islamic Law in Madinah. It was founded in 1962. The university is considered as a global Islamic institution in terms of goal, and it considers Saudi institution in terms of dependency. Islamic University of Madinah aims to: - Communicate the message of Islam to the world through advocacy, education, university and graduate studies. - prepare Scientific research and translates it , and published it in the areas of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in particular, and other sciences and branches of human knowledge that needed by the Muslim community in general. - Educate those are enrolled in the university of Muslims students,, and the formation of specialized scholars in Islamic and Arabic Sciences. - Compilation of Islamic heritage, and care to save and publish it. - Make scientific and cultural links in universities and in scientific institutions in the world and documented it for the service of Islam and achieve its objectives. Islamic University of Madinah includes these universities and institutes: College of Sharia, College of Quran and Islamic Studies, College of Dawah / Usul al-din College, College of Arabic Language, College of  Hadith and Islamic Studies, Institute Of Teaching Arabic For Its Non Speakers, Secondary Institute, Intermediate Institute, Makkah Dar Al Hadith Intermediate Institute, Dar Ul Hadeeth of Al - Madinah, Research and Consulting Studies Institute, College of Computer, College of Medicine, College of Applied Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Pharmacy. Islamic University of Madinah seeks to be a global Islamic beacon that leader in knowledge and development.

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