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Emirate of Madinah Province
Emirate of Madinah Province located in Madina in Saudi Arabia. The emirate is administrative region and each emirate includes several governorates and centers, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes 13  "Emirates". Al-Madinah region is the third largest region in the Kingdom in terms of area and is the fifth largest in terms of population. The Emirate of Madinah Province includes six governorates (Yanbu ', Al Ulaa, Badr , Al Hanakia , Al Mahd, Khaibar) that report to the emirate headquarters. There are 77 centers in Al-Madinah region, forty-four of them are classified under category (A) and thirty-three come under category (B).   The main tasks of the Emirate of Madinah Province are: - The representation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in the region. - Ensure the due course of justice in the region. - Working on stay the security in the region. - Work to provide all the services for the citizens of the region in cooperation and coordination with government agencies and by participating in the planning stages for all services. - Ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of services that provided to citizens in the region, and work to improve and develop the provision of those services. - Receive citizens complaints and their calls and consider their own affairs and work to meet their demands and solving their problems.

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