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Aldar Hospital
Al Dar Hospital located in Makkah Jeddah Express Road - Al Hijrah Road, Al Jumuah, Madina in Saudi Arabia Kingdom. It featuring a view on the Quba Mosque and Al Jumuah Mosque and is close to the Holy Mosque. Al Dar Hospital is considered one of the largest hospitals in Madina, it founded by Sheikh Abdul Ghani Husein, who is one of taibah people, and he is one of the leading businessmen in taibah. Al Dar Hospital was opened in 2007 with an area of 34000 square meters and With bed capacity of 200 beds. The hospital offers its services in 14 medical specialty. Al Dar Hospital has a qualified staff, the hospital has been equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic devices, which are updated from time to time to keep up with every new in the world. Al Dar Hospital Services are - Cardiology Department: electrocardiography 24 hours, the diagnostic and therapeutic catheter unit. - Urology Center: shock-wave device to lithotripsy. - The women's center and obstetrics: a clinic for early detection of tumors and treatment women from urinary incontinence  - kidney Disease Unit  and Dialysis Kidney has five devices for dialysis in addition to a mobile unit of intensive care - General Surgery Center: Endoscopic Surgery Unit. - Center of Diseases and  Surgery of Orthopedic  - Radiology Center and  Magnetic resonance. - Laboratory Department - An intensive care unit for newborns and the intensive care unit for children - An intensive care unit of the heart - The center of the nose, ear and throat. - Audiology Center - Dermatology and cosmetic skin care center: equipped with laser and electrical ironing and cooling, and cosmetic surgery center, equipped with the latest scientific methods to perform cosmetic operations and treatment of various distortions Ophthalmic Center: visual field, laser surgery unit, the unit treat refractive defects of vision, optics and optical aids unit, the surgical department fully equipped to perform various eye operations. With Al Dar Hospital is registered approximately 250,000 file on advanced electronic system that allows that each patient have its own file that registered on it his full health history in order to facilitate any doctor in any specialty at any time to review the medical history of the patient without the need for paper files.

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