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Al Ansar Hospital located in Bani Muawiyah, Medina. Ansar Hospital receives residents and visitors to the city of the Messenger of Allah throughout the year and especially during the pilgrimage season, as the hospital located close to Al Haram al-Sharif. Ansar Hospital was established with a capacity of 50 beds and grew until it reached 90 beds. Ansar Hospital provides medical care at the highest level for all patients. Al Ansar Hospital includes these medical specialties: Internal Medicine Department, General And Laparoscopic Surgery Department, Obstetrics And Gynecology Department, Orthopedics and Spine Surgery Department, Dental Department, Ent and Audiology Department, Pediatrics And Neonatology Department, Urology Department, Intensive Care Services for Adult Unit, Operation Unit, Cosmetic Surgery, Dermatology Department, Ophthalmology Department, Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation, Radiology Department, Laboratory Department, Emergency Department, and Pharmacy. The hospital seeking to provide excellent health care based on international scientific standards. Al Ansar Hospital includes medical and non-medical equipments that equipped with the highest level to service the community and provide quality medical care, so the hospital Provide the highest quality of services in health care management, diagnostic and rehabilitation with focus on Subspecialty.

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