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Al Rashid Mega Mall Madina

Al Rashid Mega Mall
Al Rashid Mega Mall located at King Abdullah Road, Second Ring. Al Rashid Mega Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Madina. This complex features a magnificent and modern design, also features a wonderful inner courtyard includes a ship and it has comfortable sessions, which combines shopping, relaxation and entertainment under one roof.  Al Rashid Mega Mall also includes a large number of world famous brands and also has a distinguished group of restaurants, more than 25 globally and locally restaurants for all tastes, and it includes a huge hypermarket Carrefour. It consists of four floors and 125 shops, the restaurants located at the fourth floor. Al Rashid Mega Mall has parking lot accommodate about 1500 cars between completely covered parking and uncovered parking, and diversified entertainment centers, skating on the ice.

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