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Ministry Of Finance - Jizan Jazan

Ministry Of Finance - Jizan
Ministry of Finance - Jazan located in Jazan City, in Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Finance aims to be a distinct institution in accordance with the best international practices, and contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency in the development of the financial system and financial management in the Kingdom, and the management and development of government revenues. The Main Duties of the Ministry are: - Supervising implementation of the government’s fiscal policy and monitoring its implementation by the relevant agencies, - Preparing the government’s budget, discussing it with government agencies, and monitoring its implementation, - Controlling the current accounts between the Ministry of Finance and all other government agencies. - Monitoring the pre-disbursement phase of budgetary funds for all government agencies, - Supervising government revenue collection activities and ensuring that they comply with the relevant rules and regulations, - Supervising the annual closing of the government’s accounts and expenditures, - Supervising and protecting government’s properties. Ministry of Finance is the second ministry to be established after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom. General Directorate of Finance was established in 1927, in 1932 was issued changing the name of the General Directorate of Finance to the Ministry of Finance, The Ministry of Finance was made responsible for regulating, managing and securing the collection of state funds, and their expenditures, and became the general authority for financial matters in the Kingdom.

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