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Jazan University located in Jazan City, in Saudi Arabia. Jazan University is the only university in the region of Jizan, it is a Saudi Governmental University, working under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Jazan University was founded on January 5, 2006. These faculties was the nucleus of the university: Medicine, Engineering, and  Computer Science and Information Technology, and  Community College, and then annexed Teachers College, which was established in 1981, and colleges of education for girls, which was established in 1992 in the region. The number of university colleges by the end of 2014 was (23) Colleges. and was established in the university four agencies of the university, and nine deanships. Exceeded the total number of university students by the end of the year 1436 H (56) thousand students. Until the beginning of the year 1436 H, the number of faculty members also reached about 2,500 members. It has been allocated a large site to university campus with an area of 9,000,000 square meters on the Red Sea coast north of the city of Jizan. Jazan University includes 23 faculty including: (21) College offered : Bachelor degrees in most fields and diploma in some fields. , these colleges and its scientific departments are: - Faculty of Shari'ah and law ( Departments: Shari'ah, Law) - Faculty of Science (Departments: Physics , Mathematics , Chemistry , Biology) - Faculty of Engineering (Departments: Mechanical, Industrial , Electrical , Civil , Chemical, Architecture) - Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (Departments :Computer science , Information systems , Computer Engineering and Networks) - Faculty of Medicine - Faculty of Dentistry - Faculty of Pharmacy (Departments: Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics,  Pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical Chemistry) - Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences (Departments: Nursing, Medical lab technology, Physiotherapy, Clinical nourishment, Diagnostic radiology, Medical Records) - Faculty of Business Administration (Departments : Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing and E-commerce) - Jazan Community College (Departments: Administrative Sciences, Computer Science, Applied Medical Sciences) - Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Departments: English, Arabic, Islamic, Social Sciences) - Faculty of  Design and Architecture - Faculty of Health Sciences - Faculty of allied sciences and nursing. - Faculty of health sciences and tropical diseases. - Faculty of Education - Other smaller colleges and departments.   Jazan University aims to achieve academic excellence and prepare graduates to become regional and national leaders in business, industry, health, education, and government. Serve the community by addressing its problems and supporting its social and economic development.Produce internationally recognized research and new knowledge that meet the needs of Jazan Province, the Kingdom, and the world.

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