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Samah Center Hail

Samah Center
Samah Center located in King Faisal Road, Hail. Samah Center is one of the most prominent shopping malls in the city of Hail, and it features many shops that meet all the needs of the family, and it includes children's play area. The rentable space is 11,028 square meters, featuring 90  trade exhibition, in addition to there is parking lot. Samah Center contains five entrances and indoor hall for games, as well as two restaurants hall, fully equipped with a modern decor, a dining hall include International known restaurants (McDonald's, kudu, Harvey, Little, Sezer, Baskin Robbins) In addition to there is Lebanese, Chinese and Mexican restaurants hall, that designed with the modern decors. Samah Mall contains City Plaza, Feel Free, Body Shop, and a large number of famous international stores, and there is a market for fabrics, clothes and accessories. You will enjoy a wonderful shopping experience at Samah Center.

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