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Jubail Industrial College located in Huwaylat District, Road No. 6, Jubail. Jubail Industrial College, the Kingdom’s largest and most sophisticated, is considered a 'semi autonomous’ technical institute governed by the Board of Directors of the Royal Commission. At the college level the activities concerning academic, administrative and student services are administered by the Managing Director along with the College Deputy for Education and Training Affairs, and the College Deputy of Student Affairs according to by-law and College Council decisions. Jubail Industrial College has its roots in 1978 when the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu established a skills training center, to develop skilled manpower required by the Kingdom. In 1982, the skills training center was upgraded into an institute named the Royal Commission Jubail Human Resources Development Institute. The Manpower Council of the Government of Saudi Arabia issued a Royal decree in 1989 to transform the institute into a full fledged engineering and business college, named the Jubail Industrial College. This was established to serve the educational and training needs of the newly created Jubail Industrial City and the local and regional community of the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Jubail Industrial College includes these academic departments: Department of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Technology, More Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology, More Department of Chemical & Process Engineering Technology, More Department of Management & Information Technology?, General Studies. Jubail Industrial College occupies a spacious campus with an area of 1,370,000 square meters in the heart of Jubail Industrial City on the Arabian Gulf coast. Jubail Industrial College is an outstanding example of how relevant modern education, in support of technology, transforms a rural society into a modern vibrant one. Jubail Industrial College aims to provide the Kingdom with well-educated and highly-trained manpower in technical and business related fields by offering quality technology education and training programs that are career-focused and market-driven, through partnership with business, industry, community and other stakeholders.

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