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Al Maali Hospital Hafar Al Batin

Al Maali Hospital
Al Maali Hospital located in Al Baladiyah District, Hafar Al Batin. It situated on 10.000 square meters, the hospital consists of four floors and offers parking lot. Al Maali Hospital with capacity of 100 beds. Al Maali Hospital Hafar Al Batin is a general hospital was opened in 2016, it offers the best medical services and the latest advanced medical devices and the hospital has a medical staff with highest academic qualifications and practical experience to deal with all medical conditions. Al Maali Hospital seeks  to be a reference medically compatible with Vision 2030. The hospital includes theses Medical Sections: dental department, ophthalmology, Dermatology and laser, Pain Management, Inpatient wards, Intensive care, Maternity ward, Outpatient Clinics, Operation Rooms, Nursing, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Quality and Patient Safety, Psychological. It features the following outpatient clinics: obstetrics and gynecology, ear, nose and throat, internal medicine, psychological, pediatrics, surgery, urology, orthopedics, audiology.

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