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Airbase Hospital
Airbase Hospital located in Al Dhahran, in Saudi Arabia Kingdom. The hospital working on provide high-quality health care services based on best standards that based on proofs for employees of the Ministry of Defence,  while maintaining a full readiness at all times to ensure respond to emergency situations in airbase in addition to any potential conflicts. The establishment of the Armed Forces Hospital in King AbdulAziz Airbase in Dhahran was in 1375 with a capacity of 50 beds to provide health care for members of the armed forces and their families. In 1401 King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud was opened the expansion of the hospital. In the year 1402 has been updated a special care suites that is for the rehabilitation of patients, who are need a long care. With the increase the number of auditors and with attention of hospital management to raise the therapeutic level of dental, so the hospital has opened a private dental clinics in a separate location. In 1405, the hospital was one of the recognized hospitals in the training of resident doctors, and intern doctors, this was in collaboration with King Faisal University in Dammam. By the year 1406 the hospital has achieved a new step is the enter of computer in all the medical and administrative departments. Continued the development of the hospital, in the same year 1406 issued approval, of Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, to establishment of further expansion of the hospital. With the beginning of 1407, was the completion of the implementation of the project, which is a building connecting the main hospital departments and sections of special care, and the building contains a modern hall for lectures, a medical library, and  VIP suites, and the offices of directors, and a Pharmacy. with the beginning of 1993,  was the completion of the implementation of the second expansion of the dental clinic and laboratory with a capacity of 20 chair. In 1422 was opened Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz the expansion of outpatient clinics, so become the total number of clinics  66, they were 22 clinics before the expansion. The Airbase Hospital aims to: - provide a high level of health care for classes due to treatment. - Improve the health and comfort of the patient. - focus on preventive health care. - Ensure the quality of health education. - Provide continuing professional education to raise the performance of the hospital staff.

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