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Ministry Of Labor - Dammam Dammam

Ministry Of Labor - Dammam
Ministry of Labor located in Al Mustashfa Street, Dammam, Saudi Arabia Kingdom. On 1/2/1425H issued the council of the ministers' a decision,  which has separated the ministry of labor & social affairs into two independent ministries ,the first one is dedicated for labor and the second for the social affairs, in addition to the abolition of the manpower council and transferring its specialties and powers to the ministry of labor. and The Ministry of Labor became responsible of all the activities pertaining to the labor affairs which was previously performed by the labor affairs agency in the ministry of labor and social affairs and some of those activities are: - The implementation of the rule & regulations. - The affairs related to the labor conflicts and disputes. - Employment in the private sector. - All that is pertaining to the organization of relations with the Arab and foreign countries, international organizations and the Arab & International regional bodies regarding the labor affairs. Ministry of Labor is responsible for organizing the employment market through the implementation of the labor rules & regulations, planning the human resources and developing it, in addition to, the settlement of labor disputes in the private sector, it seeking to maintain effective labor market that helps create productive and sustainable job opportunities attracting national workforce.

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