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Ministry Of Health - Dammam Dammam

Ministry Of Health - Dammam
Ministry of Health located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, it is responsible for the health of the citizens of Saudi Arabia. In 1925, King Abdul Aziz established the Public Health, In 1925, Public Health and Ambulance was established to meet the needs of the Kingdom’s health and environmental sectors.  The Public Health and Ambulance built hospitals and health centers across the Kingdom and issued and enforced regulations to guarantee adequate standards for the practicing of medicine and pharmacology. The increasing scope of healthcare services needed in the Kingdom during that period, including care for Hajj and Umrah performers, created the need for the formation of a Public Health Council. This council was the highest-level supervisory board in the Kingdom, and oversaw all aspects of healthcare, including all hospitals and healthcare centers nationwide. The council’s main goals included the development of a skilled healthcare workforce, as well as the control of the diseases and epidemics which were prevalent during that time. Eventually, it was necessary to create a large-scaled, specialized organization to carry out the Kingdom’s health affairs.  Royal decree was issued in 1951 and established the Ministry of Health. Ministry Of Health working on provision of healthcare at all levels, promotion of general health and prevention of diseases, in addition to developing the laws and legislations regulating both the governmental and private health sectors Aside from that, Ministry Of Health is accountable for performance monitoring in health institutions, along with the research activity and academic training in the field of health investment. the ministry aims to access to health status of Saudi inhabitants to the best and highest possible level, in terms of justice and equality in providing healthcare, and in terms of effectiveness and the possibility of incurring the financial burden of the treatment and healthcare, and provide this kingdom with high-quality general and specialized health services, and covering all the population with these services. The current minister is Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah.

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