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Internal Security Forces Hospital
Internal Security Forces Hospital located in King Fahd Avenue, Abu hadriyah road, west of King Saud road, Dammam. Internal Security Forces Hospital is one of the hospitals affiliated to the ministry of interior and responsible of providing medical services to the employees of the ministry of interior both civilian and military along with their families, the hospital Is located on an area estimated of 90,000 square meters, consisting of the main five story tall building and support services buildings plus a mosque and parking lot for patients, visitors and employees. High standard international specifications were taken into consideration to comply with the design and structure of the hospital, in its ground floor a visitor will be welcomed with the entrance and the lobby which connects different departments together like Emergency Department, Outpatient Unit, Management, Admissions, and other support services like pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, physiotherapy, nutrition, library, lecture halls. The total number of beds in Security Forces Hospital is about 120 beds in addition to 12 beds for intensive care for both male and female patients. - Ground Floor includes: - Emergency Department: located at the southern entrance of the main building and occupies an area of approximate estimated 1000 square meters consists of a reception desk, a waiting room for male and another one for female, an inspection room for male and female and a dressing room. - Outpatient: outpatient services represent great importance for us at the hospital, that why the whole area of the first floors south and east wing were dedicated for the outpatient unit which includes (pediatric clinic, Obstetric and gynecology clinic, Chest Clinic, Orthopedic Clinic, E.N.T Clinic and psychiatric clinic) also vaccination room, stress room, cardiac imaging and linen, dressing and nose and ear procedures. - Laboratories: Internal Security Forces Hospital is equipped with all the laboratory equipments compatible to the actual needs of the hospital, tests run at the Internal Security Forces Hospital includes routine and specialized diagnostic checks which helps doctors better understanding and diagnosing medical conditions. - Radiology: considered one of the most dynamic units in our hospital, located at the center of the main building’s ground floor the Radiology Unit is equipped with the latest diagnostic imaging devices which include normal radiation device and Computed tomography scanner (CT Scan) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Device (MRI) all packed with Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). - Physiotherapy: located at the north eastern wing of the main building’s ground floor and it is complete with a massage room and swimming pool for treatment with wax and an exercise room for adults and children. - Main Hall and Medical Library: a vital section of the main building which has been equipped with the latest audio and visual display devices to help the medical staff in providing the best possible medical services and attached to the main hall is the medical library which contain medical books and journals plus internet connectivity for science and medical updates. - Also the Administrative Offices located at the ground floor. - First Floor: a support facility for the services provided in ground floor the first floor contains clinics for internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, Urology, diabetic, Endocrine, Digestive, Cosmetic Surgery and Burns. Plus facilities such as endoscopy section and a hemodialysis unit in addition to day surgery department and administration offices to oversee the operational duties of the hospital, this floor also contains: (Department of surgery and sterilization, Intensive care unit, Coronary Care Unit). - Second Floor: this Floor is totally dedicated for women and it contains: (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Delivery rooms Neonatal intensive care unit). - Third Floor: allocated for female surgery and internal medicine for both women and children. - Fourth Floor: allocated for male surgery and internal medicine and it contain the VIP suite.

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