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Dammam Medical Complex Dammam

Dammam Medical Complex
Dammam Private Medical Complex, which is located in Dammam city, is a subsidiary of the mother company, National Medical Services Company Limited. In 1986, the National Medical Services Company opened its first medical center in Dammam which was named  Dammam Medical Dispensary, with only fifty beds and external clinics, it was expanded three times since then in order to handle the increasing number of patients, now the complex have the capacity of 400 beds. In late 2014, Dammam Medical Dispensary changed its name to Dammam Private Medical Complex. The multicultural expertise in Dammam Private Medical Complex made the unique recipes that offer sophisticated diagnostic and medical care in virtually every specialty of medicine and general surgery. Each year Dammam Private Medical Complex treat more than 250,000 patients through its multi-specialty departments.

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