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Al Amal Hospital
Al Amal Hospital located in Dammam. It was opened in the era of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd bin Abdulaziz in 1407, it situated on 35,000 square meter, in 1424 the hospital was transferred to a medical complex and its name become Al Amal Complex for mental health in Dammam. The hospital provides the highest standards of medical, psychological and social care for people who suffer from mental illnesses, as well as those who suffer from addiction and its consequences and treatment and rehabilitation them in order to return them to society as active members depends on them, and members have a self-confident. The patient goes to the hospital to reception office, then has opened a secret file of the patient holds important data that the patient wants to advertise about it without pressure even feel safe and cooperation to help him and the reception department send him to the appropriate specialist according to his status, then begin the treatment, either through special drugs that available only in the hospital pharmacy And a follow-up the patient or studying his status through the psychological and social doctor, and inform him on the therapeutic program that is appropriate for his status and his degree of illness. Treatment is whether man or woman young or old, and including as well as children and each kind is separate from the others in the sex, age and treatment program. For Children are dealing with them in activities that they accepted and they can adapt to it. beginning of the means of play, recreation. The hospital is with capacity of 500 beds.

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