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Al Khafji National Hospital Al Khafgi

Al Khafji National Hospital
Al Khafji National Hospital is located in Al Hamra, Al Khafji. It is a private healthcare facility that aims to provide high-quality and affordable health care as a standard health care institution for the Central Board of Accreditation for Healthcare Institutions.

Al Khafji National Hospital started as a multidisciplinary clinic in 1982 and then developed into an integrated hospital licensed by the Ministry of Health in 1988. Al Khafji National Hospital strives to employ a highly qualified medical team from different countries to provide the best possible diagnostic and therapeutic services to  clients. To achieve this goal, the hospital imported the latest equipment available from the most famous local and international companies. Al Khafji National Hospital includes many different departments covering most areas of medical specialties with support from radiology departments, laboratories, that equipped to the highest level.

The hospital includes the following medical departments:

laboratory department, pediatric department, internal medicine department, the neonatal intensive care unit department, intensive care unit department, outpatient department, anesthesiology department, operations room department, obstetrics and gynecology department, emergency department, surgery department, nutrition department, pharmacy department, physiotherapy department, admission department, cardiology department, dental department, dermatology department, ear nose throat Department, ophthalmology department, orthopedic department, urology department, and X ray department.


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