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AL-Ahsa International Airport Al Hofuf

Al-Ahsa International Airport
Al-Ahsa International Airport is located 17 km from Hofuf, it became officially an international airport in November 2013. The airport has two parks for planes with total area of 91 thousand square meters and a passenger's terminal with total area of 3600 square meters that contains arrival and departure halls, the departure hall is fully equipped with everything the traveller would need which guarantees his movement inside the airport easily, the terminal also contains offices for the airport administration and the other governmental departments working in the airport, in addition to two VIP terminals and a mosque. Al-Ahsa International Airport is considered one of the oldest airports in the Arab world as it started to operate in 1948, it is also the second international airport serving the eastern province after King Fahd International Airport in Dammam. Al-Ahsa International Airport might be the only airport in the world that changed location three times, as it was constructed at the beginning in Al Khalidiya neighborhood in Hofuf, then was transferred towards Riyadh road through Mibraz city, until it was transferred to its current location on the new Hofuf -Riyadh road. The airport is strategically and economically important because of being in the fourth largest city in Saudi Arabia in terms of population and for being in the border city with the Gulf states.


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