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King Abdulaziz Hospital AL-Ahsa

King Abdulaziz Hospital
King Abdulaziz Hospital is in the eastern side of Al Ahsa, was founded in 1422 AH corresponding to 2002 AD. it was constructed on a total area of 35,000 square meters distributed among three levels, which has 332 bed-capacity and can accommodate up to 400 beds.  The hospital contains four operating rooms and two day surgery operating rooms, main pharmacy, laboratory and the VIP ward. It has many specialized departments such as internal medicine department, pediatric department, anesthesia department, obstetrics and gynecology and dental department. In addition to that, the hospital consists of Housing buildings for its employees which cover a 24,000 square meters area that has a lot of main and basic facilities such sports and recreation centers. It provides National Guard personnel and their eligible dependents with the highest quality of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services. It aims at maintaining high standards of patient care in primary health care programs and services, while providing an optimal environment, quality Improvement and to promote the organizational commitment to quality work in all services throughout the components of the hospital systems and subsystems.

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