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Ibn Rushd College
Ibn Rushd College located in King Abdulaziz Road, Abha. Ibn Rushd College is a specialized college for Management, it working to achieve a distinct level of qualification and training for the human resources in order to provide the market with professional leaders in the field of business administration. Ibn Rushd College of Administrative Sciences considered a distinguished civilized addition that enrich the Saudi society and give a serious start to develop the level of preparation, administrative rehabilitation. Ibn Rushd College for Management Sciences has been designed and developed to meet the rapidly changing needs of domestic and regional communities for highly qualified manpower. Thus, Ibn Rushd College is totally committed to achieving excellence in higher education through introducing modern programs for teaching management sciences. It did not stop at this point, but the college focused on the basic skills that distinguish the college graduates, including english language, and computer skills in addition to the work ethic. The college offers a curriculum that keep pace with the modern methods of teaching including lectures, presentations and practical exercises, research projects and workshops, and duties. All textbooks in english language and it achieve international standards of accuracy and reliability. Ibn Rushd College seeking to provide high quality academic programs that are distinct locally and regionally, be engaged in business research, and active community development and involvement, and also it strive to develop students to be successful and ethical leaders capable of making valued contributions to their community and to provide excellent and accessible learning opportunities which adhere to Islamic values and traditions.   Currently college offers the following degrees: - Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. - Bachelor's degree in management information systems. - Bachelor's degree in Travel and Tourism Administration. - Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management. - Master's degree in Business Administration.

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