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Asir Central Hospital

The Asir Central Hospital which is located south of Abha, is one of the largest medical edifices in Saudi Arabia. It has been constructed to keep up with the evolution experienced by the Kingdom in the field of medical services, taking into account that all the modern medical specialties are available.

Asir Central Hospital was founded on 23 Dhul Hijjah 1402 AH in Rabwah neighborhood in Abha city over a piece of land with a total area of 243,800 meter square, and the total cost was around 600 million Saudi Riyals. The hospital has a total clinical capacity of 574 beds, and contains the latest modern medical devices that rarely exist in most of the hospitals in some of the developed countries.

Asir Central Hospital is considered an educational hospital where the students of the Faculty of Medicine at King Khalid University get the opportunity to practice what they receive in college under the supervision of their teachers. The outer clinics of the hospital have been equipped in a different building where all the different clinics reside. The building is considered the main facade and first stop for the patients,it consists of two floors containing 42 fully equipped clinics with the latest medical devices in addition to two reception counters and computer network. The construction of the clinics’ building cost more than 5.8 million Saudi riyals, the clinics include, general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, orthopedics, urology, children’s clinics, genetic diseases, rheumatism, digestive, immunity disease, neurology, ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat in addition to esoteric clinic, heart disease unit, kidney disease unit, digestive system diseases’ unit, neurological diseases’ unit, respiratory system diseases’ unit, endocrine diseases, infectious diseases, rheumatism and skin diseases, tumors and blood diseases.

Asir Central Hospital have an emergency department fully equipped with all necessary equipments and medicine needed to relief the urgent cases in addition to integrated medical staff of all specialties who work in the department 24 hours to receive all the urgent cases of traffic and criminal incidents, household injuries, burns, drowning, heart attacks and all urgent cases as well as cases transferred from other hospitals in the area.

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