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Abha Regional Airport Abha

Abha Regional Airport
Abha Regional Airport is located in Abha, the capital of 'Asir Province in Saudi Arabia, 18 km southeast of Abha city. The airport was launched in 1977, and was transformed to be International airport in 2006 AD, the first flight was to Cairo in Egypt. It also offers international flights to Aden and Sana'a in Yemen, Cairo in Egypt, Doha in Qatar, also it has non stop flights to Dubai and Sharjah in the UAE. The airport resides on 3,547 square meters of area, it consists of passengers’ building contains four terminals, two for departure and the other two for arrivals, in addition to aeroplanes parking. The airport also contain a royal terminal building, a building of meteorology, shipping and customs’ building, building of maintenance, fire department, and a building for the Air Force and a Mosque. Development projects of the airport began in 2008, including expanding the departure terminals with a total area of 1943 m2, and the arrival terminals with a total area of 1037 m2, in addition to establishing a new cargo terminal and airmail with total area of around 2820 m2.