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Centerpoint Unayzah
Centerpoint Unaizah located in Ad Dulayah, Unaizah. Centrepoint markets includes all types of international brands, Centerpoint name has been associated with in consumer thought  as a concept of a comprehensive shopping, due to it includes clothing, footwear, home décor, fashion, accessories, furniture, shoes, leather products and cosmetics, perfumes and everything related to the world of child, and it includes the following brands: Baby Shop, Lifestyle, Splash, Shoe Mart. Centerpoint seeking always to provide better services to customers, so that it offers continuous discounts up to 70%. Centrepoint markets was established since 2005, where it includes a large number of stores up to about 99, Centrepoint is one of the largest retail chains in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it has a number of branches in each of the Arabian Gulf, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, where it has more than 300 shops in countries.

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