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Qassim University located in Mlida District, 4 km north of Qassim Airport, in north of Buraydah. It is a governmental university working under the supervision of the Saudi Ministry of Education, the site is with an area of 7.8 million square meters. Qassim University includes 71 scientific specialty in various fields, the university offers all degrees after high school. Qassim University is one of the first modern universities, after the seven universities, in terms of origination and development and expansion. The decision was issued to establish the University of Qassim in the academic year 1423/1424 H, which was then include seven colleges belonging to the branch of the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University and King Saud University branch in Qassim region. Qassim University has grown and developed rapidly, as currently include 35 colleges, and 12 deanship , and it includes more than 5000 member of the faculty and staff. The number of students enrolled in Qassim University are more than 52,000 students from more than 13 nationalities, it includes Arabic, Islamic and Foreign nationalities. Colleges of Qassim University distributed in the main site of the University campus and the rest of colleges distributed in the provinces and centers Qassim region as follows: University Campus includes 12 College, Buraidah includes seven colleges, Unaizah has 5 colleges, Rass has 4 colleges, Al Bukayriyah includes two colleges, Al Mithnab includes one college, Asugour includes one college, Al Badayea includes one college, Dariyah includes one college, Asiyah includes on college. Colleges at Qassim University include Sharia College; the College of Arabic Language and Social Sciences; the College of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences; a College of Economics; a College of Science; a College of Medicine; a College of Engineering; a College of Computer Science; a College of Applied Medical Sciences; a College of Dentistry and a College of Pharmacy. There is also a Science College in Al-Zilfi, Teachers College in Ar Rass, Community College in Buraydah, Community College in Unaizah. Al Qassim University also includes women's colleges in scientific, literary, educational disciplines and rehabilitative programs. The University provides a central library in addition to a group of branch libraries with a capacity of up to a million volumes. The Rector of Qassim University is Prof. Abdulrahman AlDawood.

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