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Nakheel Mall Buraidah

Nakheel Mall
Nakheel Mall located in King Abdullah Road, Al Safra District, Buraydah. Al Nakheel Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Buraidah City, it consists of one floor with an area of 35 thousand square meters and includes most popular commercial brands, and contains more than 150 brands and it includes Hyper Panda, and Zara and City Max. Nakheel Mall is dedicated to create a vibrant and unique upscale shopping, dining and entertainment environment for the whole family. It includes restaurants area, a wide variety of world-class food offering from stylish and contemporary international brands to many family eateries appealing to all ages, each with its own distinctive aspect designed to satisfy all customers tastes. Al Nakheel Mall offers Hokair Park Fun Town, it is one of the most beautiful entertainment cities in the Qassim region because it contains the largest green spaces besides the lake. It also contains the largest areas of electric toys for the adult category and a closed hall containing Gadgets. It also features a larger rink in the Qassim Region. Al Nakheel Mall has a highly qualified staff is always at the forefront to ensure that all customers' needs are fulfilled by providing and delivering helpful, professional and high quality service from information assistance to Lost & Found service, ATMs, free WiFi and kids carts, it includes also parking lot accomodate to more than 1,300 car.  You will enjoy an uncomplicated and pleasant experience shopping in Al Nakheel Mall.

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