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AL-Ma'ali Medical Center Buraidah

Al-Ma'ali Medical Center
Al-Ma'ali Medical Center located in Ar Rayyan Street,  Al Fakhriyyah, Unaizah. Al-Ma'ali Medical Company is a subsidiary of Al-Attia Holding Co. It was founded in 2009 and based in Unaizah City of Al-Qassim region. The company is considered one of provider of comprehensive and specialized medical care in Saudi Arabia. Al-Ma'ali Medical Center considered one of the largest medical centers in Unaizah, it contains all the medical specialties, and it includes 25 medical clinics, in addition to the largest unit that specialized in Dermatology and Laser, Cosmetology, and Dentistry, and it includes also a unit of backbone treatment and in addition to the general medicine clinics, a laboratory, a pharmacy that open around the clock. Al-Ma'ali Medical Center is the first women's medical center in Qassim region, it includes all disciplines which contains several clinics including (Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic Dermatology Clinic and cosmetics, Eye Clinic, Children's Clinic, Dental Clinic, Nose, Ear and Throat clinic, General Medicine, Department of Physiotherapy and Fitness).

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