Hotels in Saudi German Hospital - Medina Madina

Saudi German Hospital - Medina
Saudi German Hospital - Madinah is Abyar Ali, Al-Jameaat Road, Medina. This hospital works within the largest integrated chain of Saudi German Hospitals in Saudi Arabia and cooperation with the largest European and American universities and Middle Eastern Universities, the hospital owns a magnificent architectural design and sophisticated medical devices that are available in all disciplines. Saudi German Hospital hospital in Madinah is with capacity of 300 beds that equipped with the highest levels of health care. The hospital aims to provide outstanding medical services and offers all levels of health care. This hospital provides emergency services over 24 hours where the emergency department is equipped with the latest medical devices and it includes five treatment rooms and four operations rooms fully equipped and recovery rooms, and there is a competent doctors and nursing and technicians staff at a high level of experience, as the emergency department also includes the latest ambulances that equipped with the latest technologies. The hospital also includes full medical facilities in the field of diagnostics such as radiology department, it includes CT scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and nuclear medicine and gamma-camera and imaging of blood vessels, in addition to the usual radiology. The hospital has laboratory department that equipped with the latest diagnostic devices that works electronically to ensure accuracy of the results, this laboratory depatment is considered the only laboratory in the region in terms of technology what making it the reference for all laboratories in region, includes the largest rehabilitation and phisiotherapy department that equipped with slimming departments which is considered one of the largest departments in the city.

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