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Ministry Of Culture And Information
The Ministry of Culture and Information (Saudi Arabia) includes many branches around the Kingdom, including the Ministry of Culture and Information Jizan Branch, it is located on King Abdul Aziz Road, Jazan City. It is responsible for regulate the media of Saudi Arabia and the communications between Saudi Arabia and other countries and it oversees the newspapers, magazines, channels and all media. The Ministry of Culture and Information is divided into several sectors, each with its own functions and divisions: Internal media sector, planning and information technology sector, cultural affairs sector, the sector of international cultural relations, engineering affairs sector, external media sector. The beginning of the Saudi media was in 1343 when the newspaper ' Umm Al Qura" was created, it publishes everything that issued from the state of the resolutions and statements concerning the government and the Saudi citizen. In 1355 H King Abdulaziz ordered the establishment of the Council for advertising and the Hajj follows the Ministry of Finance to confront tendentious campaigns against the kingdom, then was created the General Directorate of Press and Publication and the radio has been linked by it, then issued the Press and Publication System in 1378. In 1382 King Faisal ordered to convert the General Directorate of Press and Publication to the Ministry of Media to oversee the media. Then In 1424 the Council of Ministers issued a decision to change the name of the Ministry of Media to the Ministry of Culture and Media. With the establishment of the Ministry of Culture and Media created a new media approach that ensures the Saudi citizen freedom of expression derived from the Islamic approach and public policy of state. The Saudi media throughout its history considered distinct and influential and effective. Saudi media seeking to make a comprehensive and profound changes for the audio and visible media, and provide the true information and analysis that contribute to support of the citizen trust. The currently minister for the Ministry of Culture and Media is Dr. Awad Saleh Al Awwad.

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Yar for Furnished Units

Eastern Jazan, Jazan | Map


Studio Apartment

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Two-Bedroom Family Villa

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Almamcha Hotel

Almamcha Hotel

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Nortehern Jazan, Jazan | Map

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