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Hotels close to Al Jouf University jouf

Al Jouf University
Al Jouf University located in Sakaka, Al Jouf in Saudi Arabia Kingdom. Al-Jouf University City is located on the leading regional road east to Sakaka city by distance of 25 kilometers and west to the city of Domat Al-Jandal by distance of 20 kilometers and is the site for the airport Jawf Regional 4 kilometers away. It was founded in 2005 and it working under the supervision the Ministry Of Education. It was called the King Saud University in Al Jouf Branch and include science faculties in Sakaka and only Community College in Qurayyat. Then the Royal Decree was issued to naming the universities with names of regions and granted it independence from the parent universities, so became Jouf University rather than colleges of King Saud University in Al-Jouf branch. In 2006 established the Faculty of Medicine. Al Jouf University includes Science Colleges, Health Colleges, Humanity and Management Colleges, Education Colleges and Community Colleges. Science Colleges includes: College of Computer and Information Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Science. Health Colleges includes: College of Medicine, College of Dentistry, College of Applied Medical Sciences in Quriyat. Humanity and Management Colleges: College of Humanities and Administrative Sciences , College of Sciences and Arts Quriyat, College of Sciences and Arts Tabarjal, College of Sharia and Law. Education Colleges: College of Education. Community Colleges: Al Quriyat Community College, Sakaka College Community. It seeking to leadership and excellence in the areas of education, learning and conducting scientific research, including innovative contribution in the service of the community to become the University of Al-Jouf Saudi Arabia the best university in the Kingdom, and it working on offering academic programs of high quality for the preparation of cadres distinctive to meet the needs of the community, as the university seeks to develop a nucleus for scientific research to develop and promote advancement of knowledge and participation in the service of society and the environment. The main objectives of Al Jouf University are: - Provide an appropriate scientific atmosphere for faculty members and university students, - Provide all the possibilities of human, material and organizational support necessary to the educational process for university students, - Raise the level of education and learning for university students, - Adopted admission policies for students with specific standards commensurate with the possibilities and requirements of the university community and the surrounding environment, - Create a database of the research faculty at the University of Al-Jouf, - Prepare database that includes needs of the community and directing staff and graduates to the needs of society and the environment, - Involvement of the various beneficiaries of the University of Al-Jouf in the development of educational policy, research and community service, - Partnership between the University of Al Jawf, Saudi universities and global excellence in various fields, - Community awareness educational programs and various training courses offered by the University. The president of Al Jouf University is professor: Ismail bin Mohamed Al Beshry.

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