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It is the administrative capital of Tabuk State and situated to the west of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also it is the strategic civil and trading center in western north of the Kingdom.
The City has an official population of approximately 1.450.000 people and an area of 30.000 square kilometers, and it is 900 meters above sea level.  
The City name is attributed to prophet Muhammad -pbuh- Hadith, “If Allâh will, tomorrow you will arrive at Tabuk spring . . .” while Muslims heading to Tabuk Battle under his command. Some attributes it to the Latin name “Tabu,” or “Tabo,” which means the isolated place and so was Tabuk in the past; isolated from Peninsula in the south and the Levant in the north.

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Overview of Tabuk

Tabuk is just the start, why not explore it

Tabuk is the provincial capital and headquarter of the governor of Tabuk region and locates on the north-western side of Saudi Arabia. Tabuk has amazing historical forts which were built by the Ottaman Turks. This city is very famous for its agricultural products, and the city serves as an active Commercial Center. The life in Tabuk is very peaceful and modern, so people love to live here.

Things to do in Tabuk

Tabuk Castle

Hejaz Railway Station

Tabuk Zaman Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Jada Mall

Prophet’s Mosque

Bella Serra

Museum of Antiquities and Traditional Heritage

Prince Fahd bin Sultan’s Park

Souq Twaheen

Aciga Tree

Tuga Catholic Church

Mini Museum of Kalinga

Restaurant and local food of Tabuk

Tabuk provides one of the biggest food chains, and the restaurants of the city serve the best and delicious food. The food of the Tabuk is fantastic, and the staffs of the restaurant serve with a traditional food style. They present the dish with their innovative style and decorations. There are also few breakfast buffet restaurants which fill your stomach with tasty breakfast. Also, many restaurants are located near the poolside where you can enjoy the sun, relax on a lounger and enjoy your day.

Culture of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Tabuk comes with rich in culture and nature. It is composed of the environmental resources where the cultural activities carried out every year. Tabuk also sustains the tourism development programs that require participation, so they have built a strong political leadership to ensure broad participation. On the other side, Tabuk has the majestic viewpoints and mountainous areas which grab the attention of many.

Shopping in Tabuk

There are lots of places and malls in Tabuk from where we can shop. Among them, one is Jada Mall where it has hundreds of shops lined up. The malls of the Tabuk offer incredible products from children’s clothes at discount prices to the high-end gold jewelry stores. They also add the fun clubs for kids and adults too. There are other places in Tabuk to shop from; they are Tabuk Complex Center, Star Market, Alhokair Center, Al othaim markets and many more international markets are available too.

Nightlife in Tabuk

Tabuk occupies the most excellent nightlife and is bordered up by many Islamic countries, so the visitors are increasing every year after year. The visitors are very well aware that there are no any legal nightclubs available here and no public entertainment places. But there are the variety of different restaurants for dining with your friends and family and enjoy your dinner. People of Tabuk tend to go on a walk during the night as the streets remain open till 4 am in the mornings, and it’s very peaceful and delightful during night time. Reviews Tabuk is one of the beautiful cities in KSA that has perfect weather to travel. I went with my family on a trip for a week. We went to Tabuk, Riyadh, Medina, and Jeddah. If you haven’t visited Tabuk, then you’ll surely haven’t seen anything. It consists of beautiful antiquities, mountain climbing, and other fantastic sites.

- Hello, I have been offered a job in Tabuk. Firstly I thought that it’s a city of KSA, so rules and regulation should follow. But when I started living and after six months I can say that it’s beautiful city to live.

  - Iam moving to KSA very soon and also am wondering as if it would be safe for me to settle there?

- I had heard a lot of strict rules when I was going to SA, after living there, I came to know that it’s one of the safest countries to live.  

Where to Stay in Tabuk

The hotels of Tabuk are supposed to be one of the best hotels in the city as it consists of exclusive location, and also they provide fantastic hotel amenities. The travelers who are planning to visit Tabuk inquire first about the hotels as those hotels do fulfill their needs. It takes so long for you to decide which one is better for you to have a memorable trip. So here we have listed few hotels that offer the best deals with the appropriate stay for you.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn comes with straightforward rooms which feature free Wi-Fi, TV, Tea and coffee maker, mini-fridge and also minibars. They do understand our customers and know their importance. The hotel offers the exclusive package for the families, couples, and social groups. The suites are immaculate and the tidy. You would love to stay in Holiday Inn as it comes with a perfect area.

  •Location: Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Street, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

•Check in: 1:00 PM, Check Out: 12:00 PM

•Estimated Price: 600 - 700 SR

•Rating: 4.⅗

Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden is a perfect location for a family as it comes with amenities such as flat-screen TV with satellite, seating areas for family and each room equipped with a private bathroom. You’ll find Tabuk Regional airport within 5km from the property. This Hilton Garden hotel is rated as the best value in Tabuk and is the first international branded hotel to be opened in this city.

  •Location: Prince Sultan Road, Al Salam Area, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

•Check in: 4:00 PM, Check Out: 12:00 PM

•Estimated Price: 700 - 800 SR

•Rating: 4.⅖

  Tulip Inn

Tulip has a wonderful & latest property. It comes with unique equipment and furniture. It includes international standards local flavors along with world class facilities. They offer 72 spacious guest rooms, self-catering apartments, meeting rooms, garden and other comfortable and relaxing amenities.

  •Location: Al Olayia St, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

•Check in: 3:00 PM, Check Out: 2:00 PM

•Estimated Price: 900 - 1000 SR

•Rating: 4.0/5

  Maisalon Hotel

Maisalon Hotel locates in Tabuk which is the ideal location. The design of the Maisalon hotel is amazing. The hotel offers guests superior services which ensure your stay to become comfortable as possible. It includes thoughtfulness amenities to ensure the guest can stay happy.  

•Location: King Fahad Road, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

•Check in: 1:00 PM, Check Out: 12:00 PM

•Estimated Price: 500 - 700 SR

•Rating: 4.⅖

Ertiaad Hotel

Ertiaad hotel is located in Tabuk with a fantastic view and offering a sun terrace and spa center. All rooms add various amenities such as flat TV, free Wi-Fi, private parking, and 24-hour front desk. The property located 2 km from the airport and rates as the best value in that location.

•Location: Al Hamra District, in front of Al Raqi Mall, Tabuk

•Check in: 3:00 PM, Check Out: 1:00 PM

•Estimated Price: 600 - 700 SR

•Rating: 4.1/5

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How to reach Tabuk

Tabuk by flight   We know that Tabuk locates in Saudi Arabia and if you are flying from Mecca to Tabuk then it would be equal to 523 miles (842 km). The IATA code for the airport of Tabuk is TUU which operates from Tabuk airport, and you can get the list of top international and domestic routes from Tabuk. In addition to this, there are popular sectors available along with 168 weekly flights.

Tabuk by Road

If you’re going to Tabuk by road, then it would take more than 9 hours to reach there. The difference between flying and go by car is 189 km. And if you’re driving through Medina than the flying distance is 330 miles (532 km) and if you’re driving, then the proper distance is 112 km and time taken will be 6 hours on an average.    

Tabuk by Train

The railway station of Tabuk looks replica of Mada’in Saleh station. It’s another stop on the enigmatic Hejaz railway. Tabuk is the heart of the city and has a group that is working on to build a straight parallel line to a railroad. Tabuk is a major Center of trade, and the railway station of Tabuk is one of the biggest junctions on Hejaz railway line. It runs through the deserts, and the views are fantastic.  

Tabuk by Bus

You will find Tabuk bus station near the Makarim Hotel. Two bus lines are available every day. These buses go directly to Tabuk and travel time would be approximately 11 hours. Not only is this, there many other buses and jeeps available to Tabuk but they firstly check it the roads are clear to drive, and as in August, there is the possibility to rain and the roads are messed up.

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Food of Tabuk

Tabuk City comes with the variation of food. People mostly prefer to try on new things and so there are different restaurants opened for the people of every kind. Whether to eat fast food, Italian, Mexican, Indian or fast food, Tabuk is ready to serve this entire hungry folk with its delicious food with cheaper rates. The Food quality tested, and then it is allowed to sit to the people. In Tabuk, there are many restaurants placed at the best location where people would love to grab a food bite and enjoy with their families.

Lavilla Restaurant

La Villa is the excellent and notable restaurant that serves some delicious dishes and snacks. It also serves the full meal at a reasonable cost. The restaurant is well maintained and can book for the party. This restaurant is unique than any other local restaurants in Tabuk. The staffs are very friendly and polite.

  Timing: 1:30 PM – 1:00 AM

Estimated Price: 100 - 200 SR

Cuisines: Asian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Indian

Features: Catering, Takeout, Delivery, Quick Services

Location: Al Faisaliah Al Janubiyah, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Al Bustan

Most restaurants of Tabuk serve the best food, but Al Bustan has created its popularity in Tabuk by serving delicious food with quality and with perfection. Al Bustan stick to the Arabic type menu, and people never gets disappointed after eating this food as many times they had. It offers free Wi-Fi and parking services. Al Bustan menu also includes international dishes along with Middle Eastern Cuisine as a focal point.
  •Timing: 11:30 AM – 10 PM

•Estimated Price: 50 - 100 SR

•Cuisines: Arabic, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian-Friendly

•Features: Delivery, Quick Services

•Location: King Fahd Street, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia


Mariposa is the best restaurant that comes with molten lava cake, Peroni pizza and milkshakes are the best. The location is perfect, and furniture arranged very well. You can also try on Moroccan, and grilled fish people highly recommend having this. Best place for a family to eat and enjoy.  
Timing: 1:00 PM – 1:00 AM   Estimated Price: 100 - 200 SR

Cuisines: Italian, Turkish, Mexican

Features: Catering, Takeout, Delivery, Quick Services

Location: Al Ulaya, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

  Al Tazaj

Al Tazaj is the finest restaurant in Tabuk and serves delicious flavor adding food. The dishes served very fresh and presented in a unique style. Price is cheap, so people mostly prefer to visit again. Al Tazaj offers the fully comprehensive menu which includes curries, seafood, and Middle Eastern fare.     Timing: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Estimated Price: 20- 100SR

Cuisines: Asian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Indian

Features: Catering, Takeout, Delivery, Quick Services

Location: King Abdullah Rd, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Shahy   Shahy is a fast food chain which was opened in the 2006 and has become very popular in Tabuk region. Shahy provides varieties of meals on request and comes with the high standard of quality of comfort and fun.     Timing: 1: PM – 2 AM

Estimated Price: 50 - 200 SR

Cuisines: Fast food, Chinese

Features: Catering, Takeout, Delivery, Quick Services

Location: Al Imam of Ibn, Abdullah Road, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

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Touristic Locations At Tabuk City

Touristic Locations At Tabuk City

Tabuk City, situating at Tabuk State, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia, for it owns a strategic location and lovely climate which are main reasons for attracting tourists to pay the city a visit. There are many antique and touristic locations in Tabuk City; for instance, Tayma Museum established to be a center for antique research with strict scientific criteria and includes laboratory for restoration, drawing, photography, and warehouse as well as showing the Geological History of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through different phases . As well as Tabuk Antique Castle which is considered one of the most important and oldest locations in the State where, built 3500 B.C. The last time it was rebuilt was in 1062 A.H. And Al Tawbah Mosque constructed by prophet Muhammad -pbuh- near a sole well in the whole area and it was rebuilt in reign of King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz. Furthermore, there are the Ottoman Castles that were built with regular distances for the sake of protecting pilgrims through Hijaz Railway. Also, there is Hijaz Railway linking Al Madinah and Damascus together and Tabuk among its stations. Among beautiful places for tourism are restaurants include: Al Salhiya Restaurant, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Zaki Restaurant, Kudu Restaurant, Al Basha Restaurant, Al Tazaj Restaurant, and the Antique Village Restaurant.

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Hotels At Tabuk City

Hotels At Tabuk City

Tabuk City contains main places for tourism; hotels of all sort of categories such as Makarim Tabuk Hotel, Royal Tabuk Hotel Suites, Holiday Inn Tabuk, Maisalon Hotel, Tulip Inn Tabuk, and Tabuk Plaza Hotel Suites .

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Places of entertainment and shopping at Tabuk City

Places of entertainment and shopping at Tabuk City

Tabuk City is considered one of the most suitable spots for entertainment, shopping, and relaxation due to the nature of the city and distinctive location. There are lots of parks; for instance, Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Park. Also, there are gardens like: Al Nafourah Garden, Amwaj Garden for Women, Samah Garden, King Abdulaziz Garden, Al Shallal Garden, and Sahara Garden.  Also, Tabuk is plenty of many shopping centres such as Arraqi Mall, Tabuk Central Market, Tabuk International Market, Tabuk Mall Complex, Al Khalidiya Market which dedicated for Ramadan, Souq Al Khamis, Souq Al Haraj, and Grand Plaza Tabuk Complex.

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Sport clubs and centers at Tabuk City

Sport clubs and centers at Tabuk City

There are several sport clubs in Tabuk City such as Al Watani Club, Al Soqour Club, and Taimaa Club, as well as King Khalid Sport City.

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Hospitals and medical centers at Tabuk City

Hospitals and medical centers at Tabuk City

The medical organisations are considered as the main amenities at Tabuk City due to the significance of having medical care of high quality to maintain the health of citizens. Among these organisations are King Khalid Hospital, Tabuk General Hospital, King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Maternity and Childrens Hospital, and Prince Salman for Armed Forces Hospital. In additions, there are several clinics; for instance, Tabuk Special Clinic and Okaz Special Clinic

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Universities and colleges at Tabuk City

Universities and colleges at Tabuk City

Tabuk City contains several universities and colleges that contribute to build well-qualified and sufficient graduates such as Tabuk University, Prince Fahd Bin Sultan University, Technical Education and Vocational Training Institute, and Health Institute.

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