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Current Government of Tabuk State

Current Government of Tabuk State

Nowadays, Tabuk State is ruled by His Royal Highness Prince Saud Bin Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Governor of Tabuk State.

Antiquity of Tabuk State

Antiquity of Tabuk State

Tabuk State contains plenty of historical and cultural landmarks and tourism sites which are considered the most attracting areas for tourists to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for instance,   
Tabuk Beaches: The coastal areas of the Tabuk region offer delightful beaches, numerous nearby islands, and picturesque environment of the deep sea where coral reefs and other marine organisms reflect the beauty and excellence of biodiversity. Some of the designated areas here for diving along the coast of Red Sea are from the world’s best. This includes reef sites along the coast of Tabuk, which still preserve their original nature.  One of the popular destinations is Al Hisis, located south of Umluj.
Notable beaches along the shores of the region include, the Shareeh beach, Sultaniyah beach, Ba’r Almashi beach in Hegl, the Qiyal beaches, Ras Al Sheik Humaid beaches located south of Bid’a, the Sherma, Khiraibah, and Muwalij beaches located north of Duba. Also, the Hiwaz and Huwaiz Gulf beach, Riseefah beach, Antar Gulf beach, Hirab beach, and Wejh beach. In the Umluj region, are located the Hurrah beach, Ras Sha’ban beach, and Hisis beach.   
Tabuk Islands: One of the most popular islands of Tabuk is Wasl Island in the Hegl region located just off the shore. One can access this island by boat. It is also within a short swimming distance for a professional swimmer. Other popular islands are Fersha Island, located in Qiyal and Walah Island off Sharma Beach.  Sila Island is across Al Muwailih on the coast, Nu’man Island in the Dhiba region. In the Wajh there are Reekha and Merdena Islands. Uglah Island, Wigadi Island, Bergan Island, and Umsahar Island can be found in Umluj.  The most popular island of them is Jebel Al Hissan.
Tabuk Festivals: Many festivals are held in Tabuk region, and most of them are held annually with the support of Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage. These include: “Khail and Hail” – spring festival when horse shows are held in the Tabuk City, “Heglina Winasa”, student’s summer festival, “Dhuba Darik wa Al Bahr Darik Festival” – a sea festival, “Our destination Festival”, “Ummluj Ajmal Summer Festival”, “Annual Camel and Horse Race”, “Khayyalah Festival”, “Asayel Mid-year Festival” – before spring, “Annual festival of fruits and flowers” in May every year, and “Diving Summer Festival”.
Traditional crafts: Traditional crafts of the Tabuk region is varied and rich in history and culture.  It reflects the influence of the region’s environment and diverse terrain. Crafts that are commonly used in the desert environment may differ from those that are created and used solely in the coastal and agro-environments. Some traditional crafts, include: Woodwork and traditional carpentry, Tent making, Weaving and Sadu, Stone inscriptions, Wickerwork, Weaving strings and ropes, Dalla making (Arabic coffee pots), Wooden Doh building (small ships) "Alqlafah", and Crafting fishing tools.
Tabuk Castle: it is one of the stations on the Levant Al Madinah Hajj Road, which consists of castles and stations starting from the Jordanian Saudi borders to Al Madinah for hosting pilgrims. The construction of the castle dates to 976 A.H, corresponding to 1559 A.D. It was rebuilt in 1370 A.H and followed by a total reconstruction in 1413 A.H. The castle consists of two floors; the ground floor consists of an open courtyard and number of rooms, mosque, and well. Also, there stares toward the first floor, an open mosque and rooms as well stares heading to the towers used for guarding and superintendence.
Al Hamra Palace: it is located in the northern side of Taimaa’ and considered one of the most significant sites. It was totally discovered and built of stones. It is divided into three parts: one used for worship; the two for the servants of the castle. The construction of the castle dates to the 6th century B.C.    
Bada: it is located to the southern east of Tabuk City, 72 kilometers far from it. It is a village including a small antique site, spreading on its area broken Islamic pottery and ceramics dating to the 3rd and 4th centuries A.H. There a well and irrigation channels near this site, in addition to early Kufic inscriptions carved on the rocks. Bada was a major station for the Egyptian Hajj Road.
Taimaa’: it is located to southern east of Tabuk City, 264 kilometers far from it. It is of the old oases which include many antiquities dating to pre-Islamic era where remains and inscriptions dating to the 8th century B.C, as well as other antiquities attributed to early Islamic era.  

Provinces of Tabuk State and its centers

Provinces of Tabuk State and its centers

Tabuk consists of 6 administrative provinces:
Taimaa’ Province:
Taimaa’ Province consists of 4 centers include: Imarat Al Jahraa’ Center, Imarat Al Kutaib Center, Imarat Arda Center, and Imarat Al Jiaa’wiya Center.
Dubaa’ Province:
Dubaa’ Province consists of 10 centers include: Shawaq Center, Al Khariba Center, Sharma Center, Al Mowailih Center, Al Disa Center, Al Amood Center, Sadr Center, Dama Center, Shaqab Center, and Al Kharita Center.
Al Wajh Province:
Al Wajh Province consists of 8 centers include: Abu Al Qazzaz Center, Bada Center, Al Madjoor Center, Al Ker Center, Al Dabe’ Center, Kharbaa’ Center, Antar Center, and Al Dayoub Center.
Amlaj Province:
Amlaj Province consists of number of centers include: Al Shbha Center, Al Harra Al Shamalya Center, Al Shadkh Center, Al Ambaja Center, in addition to 13 villages include: Al Shadkh Village, Al Harra Village, Al Nasba Village, Al Qars Village, Al Shbaa’n Village, Al Hissi Village, Al Bawana Village, Al Sahla Village, Al Maqrah Village, Al Ha’il Village, Al Shabha Village, Markh Village, and Omq Village.
Badaa Province:
Haqil Province:
Haqil Province consists of 5 centers include: Al Durra Center, Alqan Center, Abu Al Hanshan Center, Al Zaita Center, and Wadi Al Jadid Center.


In and around Tabuk

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Red Tag

Amr Ibn Al As, Arrajihi Subdivision, Tabuk 47711, Saudi Arabia

5007.4 km away from city center

Centerpoint Tabuk

Tabuk 71954, Saudi Arabia

5007.4 km away from city center

The Ministry Of Finance - Tabuk

King Khalid Rd, Tabuk 47912, Saudi Arabia

5008.3 km away from city center

Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Hospital

Prince Sultan Rd, Sultanah, Tabuk 47311, Saudi Arabia

5011.1 km away from city center

King Khaled Hospital - Tabuk

King Abdul Aziz Rd, Annahdhah, Tabuk 47915, Saudi Arabia

5006.8 km away from city center

King Fahad Hospital - Tabuk

King Khalid Rd, Al Faisaliyah Ashamaliyah, Tabuk 47913, Saudi Arabia

5007.8 km away from city center

Ministry Of Commerce And Investment - Tabuk

Prince Abdulrahman Bin Faisal Rd, Al Faisaliyah Al Janubiyah, Tabuk 47911, Saudi Arabia

5009.6 km away from city center

Children &maternity Hospital

Tabuk 47911, Saudi Arabia

5009.1 km away from city center


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