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Riyadh State is one of the administrative governorates in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is located in the heart of the Kingdom and ranked 2 in area after Eastern State and after Makkah State in population, and having Riyadh City as its place of principality.
Riyadh State is of an area of 380.000 square kilometers and has an official population of 6.777.146 people equal to 24% of the total residents of Saudi Arabia, with an estimated population density of 17.8 %.
Riyadh State is famous for its official nature, for it includes most of the places of sovereignty and being the capital of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Current Government of Riyadh State

Current Government of Riyadh State

Nowadays, Riyadh State is ruled by His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Governor of Riyadh State.

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Antiquity of Riyadh State

Antiquity of Riyadh State

Riyadh State contains plenty of historical and cultural landmarks and tourism sites which are considered the most attracting areas for tourists to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for instance,   
Al Ghat Antique Village: The village of Ghat heritage tells the story of the past heritage. The Amara Palace is a masterpiece of architecture adapted to the Islamic style of architecture. Moghairan Historical Castle on the west bank of Marakh valley is a site that contains many carved inscriptions and rock art dating back to the period between 900 BC - 400 AD.   
Al Aflaj: It is located in the south-west of Najd, between a mountain range of Twaiq to the west as an external low shelf of an extended plain. It is about 312 km away from Riyadh. Al-Oyoon site is among its important archeological sites, and it is about 18 km away from Layla. It contains the remains of a settlement covered with a lot of pottery leftovers, cemeteries and irrigation systems dating back to the early Hellenistic Period.
Barmah Cave: The cave is situated at a distance of 66 km northeast of Riyadh city. There are many inscriptions carved on the rock faces, and specialists from SCTA have reproduced about 15 engravings, and the oldest one dating back to about 2,400 years ago.
Bejadiya: It is located 68 km west of Dawadmi. Some ancient ruins, a number of Thamudic inscriptions and the remains of several pottery have pieces are found here. In addition, some iron ore pieces are found indicating to the existence of an iron mine in the vicinity      
Safaqah: It is located southeast of Dawadmi, 280 km from Riyadh. It is an area surrounded by small mountains and low edges and valleys.  It is full of stone tools, flakes, axes and industrial remains indicating to a settlement that date back to the period between Paleolithic to Neolithic ages.
Al-Baydhatain Mountain: It is an archaeological site located on a mountain 13 km southwest of Dawadmi. Indications of ancient settlements were found near the base of the mountain. Thamudic animal carvings and drawings were also found engraved on the rock interfaces.

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Provinces of Riyadh State and its centers

Provinces of Riyadh State and its centers

Riyadh consists of 19 administrative provinces:
Al Dariya Province
Al Qhat Province:
Al Qhat Province consists of 7 centers include: Al Ruqai Center, Al Mulaih Center, Mulaih Odaidan Center, Al Wosaia Center, Al Abdalia Center, Al Musa’ida Center, Al Abdali Center, and Salabikh Center.
Al Majmaah Province:
Al Majmaah Province consists of 15 centers include: Al Khatama Center, Al Dakhla Center, Jawwi Center, Harma Center, Jalajel Center, Hawtat Sudair Center, Rawdat Sudair Center, Al Artawiya Center, Tumair Sudair Center, Janoubiat Sudair Center, Al Attar Center, Al Towaim Center, Ashira Center, Al Junaifi Center, Awdat Sudair Center, and Al Hosoon Center.
Al Kharj Province:
Al Kharj Province consists of 25 centers include: Al Seeh Center, Al Dalm Center, Al Hayathem Center, Naj’aan Center, Al Dobiaa Center, Al Yamama Center, Al Salmiya Center, Al Tawdhiya Center, Al Rofiaa Center, Al Wosaita Center, Al Haridi Center, Al Barra Center, Al Rafaie’ Center, Al Beda’ Al Qadim Center, Al Beda’ Al Jadid Center, Al Sultaniya Center, Al Roghaib Center, Al Mawan Center, Al Khabi Center, Al Ain Center, Al Hazm Center, Al Rafaye’ Center, and Al Muhammadi Center.
Al Dawadimi Province:
Al Qowaiyia Province:
Al Qowaiyia Province consists of 5 centers include: Al Qowaiyia City, Al Rowaida Center, Al Rain City, Baldat Al Jella, and Baldat Muwaisel in Al Hasat Center.
Wadi Al Dawasir Province
Wadi Al Dawasir Province consists of 29 centers include: Al Khamasin Center, Al Faw Center, Maa’di Center, Al Dirin Center, Al Salhiya Center, Al Makharim Center, Kamda Center, Al Towal Center, Al Abu Sebaa’ Center, Al Ledam Center, Al Qowaiz Center, Al Walameen Center, Al Me’talaa’ Center, Al Wothaila Center, Al Khamasin Al Shamali Center, Hararsha Center, Al Hanatish Center, Al Braik Center, Al Oraima Center, Al Buraz Center, Al Rashid Center, Al Zowairaa’ Center, Hajamat Bain Badwa Center, Al Shurafaa’ Center, Al Mutala Al Qadim Center, Al Fayzia Center, Al Owaimer Center, Al Nowaima Center, and Al Masarir Center.
Al Aflaj Province
Al Aflaj Province consists of 19 villages include: Al Badee Al Aflaj Al Shamali Village, Al Badee Al Aflaj Al Janoubi Village, Al Hadar Village, Al Ahmar Village, Wasit Village, Al Qhil Village, Setara Village, Harada Village, Al Seeh Village, Al Fowaidilya Village, Al Amar Village, Al Kharfa Village, Al Rawda Village, Al Saghu Village, Suwaidan Village, Marwan Village, Al Zuraifiya Village, Aseela Village, and Al Nibaya Village.  
Al Muzahimiyah Province:
Al Muzahimiyah Province consists of 10 center include: Shukhaib Center, Al Jufair Center, Al Hafira Center, Al Howaira Center, Al Bakhraa’ Center, Al Mashaela Center, Al Zabayer Center, Al Faisaliah Center, Al Laghaf Center, and Al Sadar Al Aa’la Center.
Al Zulfi Province
Shaqra Province:
Shaqra Province consists of 12 centers include: Oshaiqer Center, Hajrat Al Gharaba Center, Al Qasab Center, Al Qaraen Center, Al Faraa Center, Al Mashash Center, Al Sawh Center, Al Hariq Center, Samha Center, Al Dahna Center, Haderat Al Dahna Center, and Al Jarifa Center.  
Hawtat Bani Tamim Province:
Hawtat Bani Tamim Province consists of 14 centers include: Al Helwa Center, Al Qowai Center, Al Etian Center, Al Shuba Center, Al Faraa Center, Al Halla Center, Asfal Al Batin Center, Al Sadr Center, Al Farsha Center, Al Hayyaniya Center, Al Sallamiya Center, Al Obaidiyat Center, Wadi Barak Center, and Masda Center.  
Al Saleel Province:
Afif Province:
Afif Province consists of more than 53 centers include: Al Howaidiya Center, Habra Center, Wabra Center, Fayza Center, Mashraf Ghatha Center, Al Minifia Center, Um Sarha Center, Al Majhoulia Center, Hajrat E’blia, Al Sayahed Village (Abu Hraiba), Al Musaifiqia Center, Al Ola Center, Badae’ Al Odian Center, Al Salhiya Center, Al Mulaq Center, Al Jummania Center, Badida Center, Al Ma’raj Center, Qalisha Center, Ablaa’ Center, Al Baraza Al Hathlan Center, Al Lansiat Center, Al Khadara Center, Al Gharaba Center, Hajrat Al Maqar (Maqar Al Naa’m), Husaina Center, Al Jumaimaa’ Center, Al Humyat Center, Faidat Afif Center, Hashasha Center, Al Badriya Center, Al Khalida Center, Baidaa’ Anthil Center, Faiza Center, Al Asaibin Center, Sahed Al Shebrim Center, Al Hafayer Center, Abraqia Center, Al Humaij Center, Al Rawda Center, Al Hamada Center, Al Butain Areeq Al Dasam Center, Al Kafia Center, Al Kafifa Center, Rawdat Asas Center, Manazil Al Suhaib Center, Al Mardama Center, Al Harania Center, Al Hanabij Center, Al Mansoura Center, Bataha Center (Badaye’ Al Habbajin), Bin Maswi Center, and Bin Zariba Center.    
Ramah Province:
Ramah Province consists of 24 centers include: Al Samla Center, Al Mujfalia Center, Al Jamalin Center, Al Farraj Center, Al Azma’ Center, Al Ghariz Center, Al Shalash Center, Al Blidan Center, Al Ramhiya Center, Al Fayhaniya Center, Hafr Al Atch Center, Shawya Center, Al Muzaira’ Center, Al Ghailana Center, Al Aitalia Center, Al Umania Center, Saad Center, Al Hafna Center, Al Tiri Center, Al Ali Center, Al Awajan Center, Bani Amer Center, Al Bani Center, and Al Ola Center.
Thadiq Province
Huraymila’ Province
Al Hariq Province
Murat Province


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