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Mecca City is considered as the major holy capital of the Islamic nation. It witnessed the  first revelation of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and was his homeland. There are many holy and religious places such as The Sacred Mosques and Kabah inside it, Cave of Hira, and Cave of Thawr.
Mecca City has several names mentioned in the Quran like: Bakkah, Al-Balad Al-Amin, and Umm Al-Qura.

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Mecca Tourism at a Glance

Mecca the heart of Islam

Mecca or Makkah is a city of Saudi Arabia located in the Hejaz region which is 70 km inland from Jeddah. The Mecca city is very famous for the spiritual centre and is strictly off limits to non-Muslims. Mecca has the world’s tallest building the Royal Clock Tower Hotel which ranks 4th in the world. Today there are approx. 15 million Muslims who are visiting mecca annually. The visitors who are coming to Mecca for Hajj are rewarded with the forgiveness of all sins and get to see the amazing holy sites with visiting proximity to landmarks, Mountain of Light, Black Stone as well as Zamzam Well.

Mecca is the heart of Islamic world and is one of the most sacred lands on the earth. The city is spending more than $100 million on the services for the Hajj. The Mecca city is substantially is in growth period since 20th and 21st century. Mecca has all kind of small and big favour and you can enjoy every little pleasant experience.

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How to reach Mecca

There are dozens of online resources available that will guide you, how to reach Mecca. Just make sure you use the trusted resource to reach the destination. The easiest way is to use the popular and reputed websites. You can travel to Mecca using domestic and international flights. Travelling in train or bus is also fun. Choose the route which better suits you and available easily.

Mecca by flight

Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport is the gateway to Mecca. You can serve the regional airlines airport throughout the year. The same airport has been used when you are coming for Umrah. During the Hajj season, there are a mostly charter flights arranged by the regional airlines commercial along with other scheduled services. You can also try another option; if you’re nearby Taif Region then it has the Taif regional Airport in Taif which can be used to get into Mecca.

Mecca by bus

There is an SAPTCO company in Saudi Arabia that provides the bus services to Mecca and places throughout the country. Most of the pilgrims are coming for Umrah or Hajj. There are mainly two terminals available outside the city limits which are opened to all. There are buses available throughout the day after every 1-2 hours’ interval time and it starts from early in the morning at 6 until midnight 12.

Mecca by Road

There is an excellent and modern multi-lane available on the highway from Jeddah #40. The distance is somewhat 100km and takes an hour to reach Mecca. During the Hajj season, there are buses and cars jammed with pilgrims, so the traffic is unbearable and extremely traffic on the road. You can take another way and drive along the highway about 50 miles to reach to the lovely mountain of Taif. During summers these places of Saudi Kings looks amazing.  

Mecca by Train

  There are high-speed trains available that run between Makkah and Jeddah in one hour. The Haramain train is the fastest train that will link the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah via Jeddah and Rabigh. There are two trains available in a day from Makkah and Madinah, and four trains from Makkah and Rabigh in a day. The train has a capacity for 19,600 passengers to travel. The main train station is 9km from the Prophet’s Mosque and 13km from Madinah Station. The station is built with Air conditioning systems and 417 cameras for security purposes.

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Food of Mecca

The Makkah people love eating the varieties of Food and are trying out different food that is available in different areas such as coastal, mountain and other desert areas. The most famous dishes of the Makkah are Al-M’soub, Al-Mutabbaq, Al-Harisah, Al-Saidiyah, Al-Manto, Kabab, and Al-Farikah. There are lots of famous restaurants available in Mecca that is the latest food portals in the region and online orders are also available. The people of Saudi are also very traditional and eat the same foods that are eaten since centuries. The restaurant foods are excellent and provide the delicious food to the customers along with fine services.

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Time to Visit Mecca

Tourist visits Mecca all year round, but the best preferable would be during cooler months. Hajj is the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca and it should be carried out at least once in a year.  If you are a Muslim then the best time would be during the Hajj season. The average temperature of Mecca to make you feel comfortable is from 20-30 degree. Mecca government is very strict and do not allow Non-Muslims as Mecca is a birthplace of Islam so they do not take violations lightly. However, Mecca’s best season will depend on a number of factors shown below.

Mecca during winter

December-February is the best time to visit Mecca as December is the very busy month and you will find people roaming around, preparing for Ramadan, UK and USA kids have holidays so you’ll find flights and Hotel rooms very expensive.

Mecca Off-Peak Season

Mecca has an average of 5 inches a year, so visiting during this time will be the best.  Mecca mainly experiences the dry season so try to visit during the month of October-May as the days are sunny and nights are cooler. If you have really planned your trip to Mecca and you’re preparing for Umrah then don’t leave it for last minute, book your hotels now as there are hotels in Mecca which offers facility of book now and pay later also the cancellation charges are very low. So you’ll have fun visiting Mecca.

Mecca at Summer Time

During summer months the temperature tends to be hotter more compare to another season.  As summer have 49-degree heat but if you have planned your trip during summer holidays then visit during the months of June and August as the temperature remains 40 degrees. So summer heat in Mecca is just intolerable.
Cooler months to visit Mecca: January  –  March, November- December   Hotter months to visit Mecca: April  –  October

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Mecca City in brief

Mecca City in brief

Mecca City is considered as the major holy capital of the Islamic nation. It witnessed the  first revelation of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and was his homeland. There are many holy and religious places such as The Sacred Mosques and Kabah inside it, Cave of Hira, and Cave of Thawr.
Mecca City has several names mentioned in the Quran like: Bakkah, Al-Balad Al-Amin, and Umm Al-Qura.

Mecca City has an official population of approximately 600,000, and it locates in the middle of mountains .

Mecca City is at a height between 250m and 350m above sea level.

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Touristic locations at Mecca City

Touristic locations at Mecca City

Mecca City is a well-known place for religious and spiritual tourism. It contains many holy places like: The Sacred Mosque, Mena, Mountain of Arafat, Mountain of Taneem, Mountain of Al-Noor, Namera Mosque, all in which Muslims from Islamic World visit in order to perform ritual of Hajj and Minor Hajj. Mecca also has many historic places that are incredibly connected to the history of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and religious history of Mecca City such as Cave of Hira and Cave of Thawr. Moreover, there are places related to the mentioned ones; for instance, the Museum of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques which includes manuscripts, ancient remaining and copies of Quran attributed to various Islamic periods.

Due to the large numbers of Pilgrims every year, Mecca City has the largest number of the total numbers of hotels in Saudi Arabia; more than 490 hotels. These hotels vary in ranks according to how close they are from The Sacred Mosque; five stars hotel are closest like: Makkah Clock Royal Tower, Makkah Hilton Tower, Intercontinental Makkah. There are also four stars hotels such as Makkah Hilton Towers, Elaf Ajyad Makkah, Umm Al-Qura Hotel Makkah. Then three stars hotels; for example, Al-Aseel Ajyad Hotel, Al Noor Hotel Makkah, and Reda Plaza Hotel. Lastly, there are cheap and small hotels like: Masa Al Aseel Hotel and Al Azifyah Hotel.

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Places of entertainment and shopping at Mecca City

Places of entertainment and shopping at Mecca City

Though the spiritual atmosphere of the main religious centre in the Islamic World Mecca City, it has inside it many park for the sake of entertainment, for example, Mecca Mall, Al-Meslfa Garden, Child Garden, Peninsula Garden, Al Hakeer Amusement, Badr Amusement. Besides, Mecca is plenty of many popular and local markets such as Al Otaibia Market, Hejaz Market, Al Azizyia Market, Al madafa Market, Thu Majaz Market, Mansour Street Market, and 60 Street Market.     

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Sport clubs and centres at Mecca City

There is only sport city in Mecca City called Sport City of King Abdul Aziz and established in 1981 partially, then completed totally in 1985. The mentioned City consists of a large stadium with arena for Field events, main hall, Olympic swimming pool, residence for youth, mosque, residence for figures and famous guests, residence for maintenance workers, and parking.   

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Hospitals and medical centres at Mecca City

Hospitals and medical centres at Mecca City

Hospitals and medical centres are crucial organisations in Mecca City, for the religious nature of it and the large numbers of visitors each and every year. These organisation are well-qualified ed and equipped with modern devices and facilities to be always ready to present needed and urgent medical services and receive emergency and treating them in an efficient manner, especially in Hajj and Minor Hajj. For instance, King Abdulaziz Hospital, Al Noor Specialist Hospital, Hera Hospital, Ajyad Hospital, Ibn Sina Hospital, Al Shefaa Hospital, Um Al Qura Hospital, King Faisal Hospital, Al Rafee Hospital, and Maternity and Children Hospital.    

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Universities and colleges at Mecca City

Universities and colleges at Mecca City

Mecca City has one major university called Umm Al Qura University established in 1981 and has 19 colleges, with more than 17.000 students. Such scarcity is due to the religious nature of the city and its spiritual activities and vast related places of facilities needed. 

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