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Current Government of Makkah State

Current Government of Makkah State

Nowadays, Makkah State is ruled by His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Bin Faisal Al Saud, the Governor of Makkah State and His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz Bin Abdulaah Al Khudairi as Deputy Governor of Makkah State.

Antiquity of Makkah State

Antiquity of Makkah State

Makkah State contains plenty of historical and religious landmarks and tourism locations which are considered the most attracting areas for tourists to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for instance,   
The Holy Mosque: it is located in the heart of Makkah city, with the Holy Ka’aba in the center of it. The Ka’aba was the first building on earth built for humanity to worship Allah, and Muslims consider it the greatest and most sacred place in the world. It is the Qiblah, the place all Muslims direct their faces while praying, no matter where they are in the world. It was named the Holy Mosque, “Al-Masjid Al-Haram”, in Arabic, referring to the prohibition of killing inside the Holy Mosque since the conquest of Makkah by the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).
The Holy Mosque of Makkah is the first mosque that tourists should visit among the three mosques.
The Holy mosque contains many elements, Kaaba's Ismael corner, is a low wall that was originally part of the Ka’aba, is a semi-circular wall opposite but not connected to the northwest wall of the Kaaba, Zamzam well, “The Station of Abraham”, the footprint of Ibrahim, Safa and Marwah, and the black stone “Al-Hajar Al-Aswad”.
The Holy Mosque of Makkah has undergone many renovations throughout history, the major one is the current King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz expansion project.

The Mountain of Thour: it is located to the south of Makkah and it contains the cave where the Prophet Mohammad, (peace upon him), and his companion Abu-Bakr took refuge from the disbelievers during the migration to Madinah. “If you do not help him, Allah will help him as He helped him when he was driven out with another one (Abu Bakr) by the unbelievers. When the two were in the cave, he said to his companion, 'Do not sorrow, Allah is with us.”.   
The Mountain of Mercy: it is located to the east of Makkah in the Arafat area. This is the mountain on which the Prophet (peace be upon him), stood and delivered his famous farewell sermon (Khotbat Al-Wada’) during Hajjat Al-Wada, Prophet’s last pilgrimage.   
The Mountain of Noor: it is a mountain is located northeast of Makkah. In the mountain is the Cave of Hira, where the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), used to spend long periods worshiping before his mission. The mountain was named Noor which refers to the light of Dawah that emerges from it and lights the horizon. When climbing up to the cave, you can view parts of the Holy Mosque “Al-Masjid Al-Haram”.   
Asfan Castle: it is an Ottoman Castle located on a hilltop near a labyrinth of roads that pass through Asfan. The castle provided protection for the nearby caravan routes. It was constructed of stones and rocks that were later discovered to be different from the stones of the local mountain. Its shape is in the form of square and it has four towers on the corners and two additional towers on each wall.    
Namirah Mosque: it is a mosque in Makkah, located in Arafat. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prayed in this mosque on the day of Arafa during Hajjat Al-Wada’. Dhuhr and Asr prayers are held collectively there at the day of Arafa during the pilgrimage seasons.  
Saqqaf Palace: it is located in the heart of the city of Makkah. It is one of the oldest and largest archaeological buildings representing the traditional architectural designs with technical underpinnings. It exemplifies Islamic architectural character because it contains many of the unique elements of Islamic art and decoration.
Tuwa Well: it is located in Jarwal. Its historical significance comes from when the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) arrived for the opening of Makkah, and spent a night near this well.
In the morning he stopped at it, drank, bathed, and then entered Makkah. It has been maintained over the centuries.
Raya Mosque: it is in Makkah and it is one of the mosques blessed by the Prophet (peace be upon him) to pray in. It was built first by Abdullah bin Abbas, and then rebuilt by the Abbasid Caliph “Al-Moatasim billah”.

Provinces of Makkah State and its centers

Provinces of Makkah State and its centers

Makkah consists of 17 administrative provinces:
Mecca Province:
Mecca Province consists of 10 centers include: Bahra Center, Al Madeeq Center, Al Zaima Center, Wadi Diqaq Center, Al Shuaiba Center, Al Baydaa’ Center, Um Al Raka Center, Mulaiha Center, Jurana Center, and Al Bujaidi Center. It also has number of subordinate village such as Arar and Wardat Al Numan Village, Abu Hijara Village, Al Sarf Village, Al Hasan Village, and Hai Al Riyad Village.
Jeddah Province:
The population density is intense by 97% in Jeddah City due to the urban nature the city.
Taif Province:
Taif Province consists of 18 centers include: Bani Saad Center, Al Hada Center, Al Muhani Center, Dhalam Center, Al Muwaia Al Jadidah Center, Misan Center, Al Qurai Center, Thaqif Center, Al Sail Al Kabir Center, Al Shefaa Center, Hadad Bani Malek Center, Radwan Center, Asheera Center, Abu Al Raka Center, Al Sudaira Center, Al Faisaliah Center, Hafr Kashab Center, Al Raghiba Center, Al Zurban Center, Mushash Al Tarif Center, Al Mushaa’n Center, Al Rafayia, Center, Al Rwailia Center, Al Kenna Center, Faidat Al Maslah Center, Al Awali Center, and Taif Villages Center.
Qufudah Province:
Qufudah Province consists of 9 centers include: Qufudah Center, Al Fawz Center, South Aradiya Center, Hala Center, Al Muthailaf Center, North Aradiya Center, Bani Issa Center, Thulathaa Al Khuram Center, and Duqa Center.
Rabigh Province:
Rabigh Province consists of 5 centers include: Al Qudaima Center, Hajar Center, Al Nuwai Center, Al Abwaa’ Center, and Mastoora Center.
Al Jomoom Province:
Al Jomoom Province consists of 8 centers include: Asafan Center, Mudraka Center, Hada Al Sham Center, Ruhad Center, Al Fawwara Center, Ain Shams Center, Al Rayyan Center, and Qafif Center. It also has many villages subordinate to the province such as Abu Shab Village, Daf Zini Village, Al Baraber Village, Al Humaima Village, Samad Al Humaima Village, Al Murshidya Village, and Ghazayat Village.
Khulais Province:
Laith Province:
Laith Province consists of 12 centers include: Ameeqa Center, Souq Al Ain Center, Al Jaeza Center, Al Shwaq Center, Aqam Center, Yalamlam Center, Majma Al Torok Center, Al Sa’dya Center, Bani Yazid Center, Jadham Center, Saya Center, and Murquban Center.    
Al Kamel Province:
Al Kamel Province consists of 3 centers inculdes: Al Quraif Center, Al Shara Center (Harra Tharra), and Al Far Al Alla Center. There are number of villages subordinate to the province such as Al Khayea - Samad Village, Mahayeh Village, Al Shabaq Village, Al Owaisid Village, Al Dahla Village, Wadi Ahala Village, Al Qaria (Adeen) Village, and Dwara and Al Jaw Village.  
Turba Province:
Turba Province consists of 9 centers include: Al Qwama Center, Al Hasheraj Center, Shar Center, Asla Center, Al Khudairaa Center, and Al Erqain Center. There are number of villages subordinate to the province such as Al Abesiya Village, Al Haeriya Village, Al Sardi Village, Al Wata Village, Asmaa Village, and Al Raba Village.
Khurma Province:
Khurma Province consists of 2 centers include: Abu Al Marwa Al Shamali and Janoobi Center and Al Quraif Center. There are number of villages subordinate to the province such as Al Salmia Village, Abu Humaida Village, Jabbar Al Salam Village, Gutha Village, Al Wata Village, Dulaim Village, Al Jawhariah Village, and Jabbar Al Hajaf Village.
Raniah Province:
Raniah Province consists of 6 centers include: Hada Center, Al Owaila Center, Al Amlah, Center, Warsha Center, Ghafa Center, and Al Mehdar Center. There are number of villages subordinate to the province such as Madrasar Shuaib Al Karan Village, Al Qaida Al Askaria Village, Al Amaer Village, Al Sheryania Village, Al Haraf Village, Al Daram Center, Al Othaithi Village, and Al Dar Al Baiaa Village.
Bahra Province
Al Mouai Province
Misan Province:
Misan Province consists of 6 centers include: Bani Saad Center, Hadad Bani Malik Center, Al Qurai Bani Malik Center, Thaqif Center, Al Sawr Village, and Abu Raka Center.
Al Aradiat Province
Adam Center:
Adam Center consists of 4 centers include: Al Jaeza Center, Al Murquban Center, Haqal Center, and Souq Al Ain Center.


In and around Makkah

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Jeddah Boulevard

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Al balad

HAYA GENTS SHOP, Near, Cornechi Gate No-6, Jeddah

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Al balad

HAYA GENTS SHOP, Near, Cornechi Gate No-6, Jeddah

4875.3 km away from city center

Jeddah International College

Taiba, Jeddah 23831, Saudi Arabia

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Jeddah Corniche

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Consulate General Of The Kingdom Of Bahrain

58 Juwayriyah Bint Al Harith, Al-Shate'a, Jeddah 21544, Saudi Arabia

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