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It is located in the western south of Al-Madinah State, and it is founded approximately 2400 years ago.It has an official population of approximately 217.000, with an area of 18.000 square kilometre. It is called Yanbu due to the plenty of water fountains. It is also called Pearl of Red Sea. 

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Touristic locations at Yanbu City

 Touristic locations at Yanbu City

Yanbu has a wonderful location on the Red Sea with many famous tourism places such as Yanbu Palm City, where trade caravans gather, founded 2000 years ago, the historic centre of the city, the Turkish Castle near Waset Village, the antique Turkish Building, Old Houses and Masmak Fort on Yanbu Corniche, and Museum of pelagic organisms containing old hunting tools.

Hotels at Yanbu City

Hotels at Yanbu City

Yanbu has many hotels and suits that all provide appropriate accommodation for the guests of beautiful City include: Holiday Inn Yanbu, the only five stars hotel. Also, there are Yanbu Plaza Hotel, Rahal Hotel, and Golden Sand Hotel. In addition to others like: Al Fanar Hotel National Guard Hotel Apartments, Al Fanar International Hotel Apartments (Al Majd), Al Fanar Hotel Apartments (Royal Commission), Sama Yanbu Hotel, and Al Ahlam Tourism Resort

Places of entertainment and shopping at Yanbu City

 Places of entertainment and shopping at Yanbu City

In Yanbu, visitors and guests have a chance to pay a visit to chalets in order to get fun times and amusement; for instance, Manazel Marina Chalets, Al Boyout al Haniya Chalets, and Hayakom Chalets. Furthermore, they can enjoy lovely gardens with beautiful green scenes such as Al Margan Garden, Al Munasabat Garden, Al Kawthar Garden, and Al Sobh Garden. The City also contains many restaurants like: Dominos Pizza, Al Qarafi Fish Restaurant, Mcdonalds Restaurant, and Rubiez Restaurant. Moreover, there are spots with beautiful sea sight; for example, Al Eeqa Beach, Yanbu Sharm Beach, and Royal Commission Corniche. In addition to several shopping centres and malls that deserve a visit such as Star Markets, Yanbu Extra, Al Deera Market, Al Jawhara Mall, Fish Market, Al Amal Markets, Al Dana Mall, and Rimaz Mall. 

Sport clubs and centres at Yanbu City

 There are two sport clubs at Yanbu City:
Al Majd Club
Al Radwa Club 

Hospitals and medical centres at Yanbu City

Hospitals and medical centres at Yanbu City

Yanbu City has many medical centres and hospitals include:
Hamed M. Al Harbi Hospital
Royal Commission Hospital
Yanbu National Hospital
Al Ansari Medical Centre
Al Amal Special Medical Centre
Al Amal Medical Centre in Royal Commission
Red Sea Special Medical Centre

Universities and colleges at Yanbu City

Universities and colleges at Yanbu City

Yanbu contains numbers of institutes subject to the Ministry of Higher Education include:
Taibah University
Yanbu University College
Yanbu Industrial College
Yanbu College of Applied Technology

Industrial organisations at Yanbu City

Industrial organisations at Yanbu City

 The industrial organisations are located at Yanbu Industrial City, also known as Royal Commission founded in 1975, famous for its quality of design and system. They contain many industrial organisations include:
Three Oil distilleries
Plastic factory
Many petrochemicals factories such as Yansab
King Fahad Industrial Seaport

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