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It is the administrative capital of Jazan State and located in western south of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The City is located on the shore of the Red Sea and has an official population of approximately 157.536 people and an area of 40.000 square kilometers.
The City includes Jazan Port which is located 190 miles in north of Bab El-Mandeb Strait as well as the Regional Airport both give the city its strategic significance.   

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Touristic locations at Jazan City

Touristic locations at Jazan City

Jazan City, situating at Jazan State, is considered one of the most spellbinding cities in Saudi Arabia, for it owns a wonderful location and lovely climate which are main reasons for attracting tourists to pay the city a visit. There are many antique and touristic locations in Jazan City; for instance, Jazan Museum, the Antique Village, Jazan Castle, Abu Areesh Castle, the uppermost Jazan City as well as Al Dosariah Castle which is located at the top of a mountain overlooking the Red Sea in the middle of Jazan City, with an area of 900 square meters and 150 meters high above sea level. Also, it has a triangle shape with four big towers. Moreover, there is the Ottoman Castle locating 400 meters in north of Jazan State which is built of stones covered with gypsum and a roof made of palm branches and pillars of steel.  
Furthermore, there are Jazira Al Morjan, Mursa Al Haffa, Mursa Al Ghadeer, and Al Shate Beach. Also, there are many significant places for tourism locating not so far from the City like: the Hot Fountain in Khoba which is one of the most important treatment spots with temperature of 45 and locating 75 kilometers from Jazan City, including 14 chemical elements: Sodium, Potassium, Fluoride, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, Sulphates, Chloride, Silicates, Phosphate, Zinc, as well as Gamma and Alpha Rays used to treat diseases of skin, bones, and articulations. Also, there is the Hot  Fountain in Bani Malik which is 122 kilometer from Jazan and it is similar in its characteristics to the mentioned fountain in Khoba, besides there is dedicated section for men and women.               
Among beautiful places for tourism are restaurants include: Chili's Restaurant, Sheikh Al-Burger Restaurant, Al Rashid Mall Restaurant, Herfy Restaurant, Kudu Restaurant, Shawaya House Restaurant, Al Garmoshi Restaurant, Sati Chebi Nas Restaurant, and Subway Restaurant.   

Hotels at Jazan City

Hotels at Jazan City

Jazan City contains main places for tourism; hotels of all sort of categories such as  Radisson Blu Resort Jizan, Courtyard by Marriott Jazan, Residence Inn by Marriott Jazan, Al Safa Hotel Suites, and Best Western Jizan.

Places of entertainment and shopping at Jazan City

Places of entertainment and shopping at Jazan City

Jazan City is considered one of the most suitable spots for entertainment, shopping, and relaxation due to the nature of the city and unique location. There are lots of gardens for picnic and entertainment; for instance, Al Matan Park, Al Khazzan Park, Al A’reda Park, Al Rawda District Park, and Prince Mohammad Bin Naser Park.
It is also full of many vital shopping centres such as Kadi Mall, Aswaq Al Jisr, Al Dheba Mall, Jazan International Market, Marina Mall, Extra Stores, and Al Rashid Mall.

Sport clubs and centers at Jazan City

Sport clubs and centers at Jazan City

There are number of sport clubs of good performance in Jazan City such as Hetteen Sport Club, Al Yarmouk Club, Al Tuhami Club, and Al Amjad Club.

Hospitals and medical centers at Jazan City

Hospitals and medical centers at Jazan City

The medical organisations are considered as the fundamental facilities at Jazan City which work hard to provide the most advanced medical care to maintain the health of Saudi citizen. Among these organisations 13 hospitals such as King Fahad Central Hospital in Jazan, Jazan General Hospital, Chest Diseases Hospital, Mental Health Hospital, Al Hayat National Hospital, Al Emies Hospital, and Prince Mohammad Bin Naser Hospital. Furthermore, there are several clinics and medical centers with total of 125 centers; for instance, Al Shefa Clinic, Al Safwa Dentistry Center, and Dr. Ghena Dental Center.  

Universities and colleges at Jazan City

Universities and colleges at Jazan City

Jazan City contains several universities and colleges that contribute to build well-qualified and sufficient graduates such as Jazan University, Jazan Technical College, Industrial and Scientific Institute, Jazan Technical Institute, Jazan Scientific Institute, and Female Teachers Institute.       

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