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Jazan State is one of the administrative governorates in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is located in the southern west of the Kingdom, and overlooks the Red Sea.
Jazan State is of an area of 13.457 square kilometers and has an official population of 1.365.110 people.
Jazan State is famous for including Jazan Seaport, which is ranked 3rd in size and overlooks the Red Sea as well as playing a vital role in developing the economy of the Kingdom

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Current Government of Jazan State

Current Government of Jazan State

Nowadays, Jazan State is ruled by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Nasser Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Governor of Jazan State.

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Antiquity of Jazan State

Antiquity of Jazan State

Jazan State contains plenty of historical and cultural landmarks and tourism sites which are considered the most attracting areas for tourists to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for instance,   
Athar City: it is an antique city locating on the shore of the Red Sea in the west of Sabiya City, 16 kilometers towards Qauz Al Jaa’fra. It is a famous city which plays an important role in trade and economy; its market is one of the well-known markets in the Peninsula. Its current site is a ruined city covered by sand. In the second half of the 14 century A.H, Prince of Mekhlaf, Sulaiman Bin Tarf Al Hakmi added it to his Mekhlaf and ordered to coin Al Athari Dinar, moving the place of principality to the new capital Athar, promoting its political, geographical, and economic significance. Its seaport became one of the most vital seaports after Jeddah Seaport at the time.      
Abu Areesh Castle: The castle indicates its old age of building. It was mentioned in the book of “Al Aqiqi Al Yamani,” in 989 and 990 A.H. events. In 991 A.H, the Turkish Governor of Jazan State ordered to construct the castle and to fix the destroyed parts of it due to wars and it remained prosperous till the end of the Ottoman Empire I in 1036 A.H. After that, reconstruction by all its rulers of the State of Jazan continued. Finally, the destruction invaded most of it and most of its buildings collapsed and still so; it is called Dar Al Nast in Abu Areesh.   
Al Dawsariya Castle: it is an antique castle its construction dating to the Ottoman Empire; taken as a place of rule for the Turkish governor in Jazan. The castle is located in the middle of Jazan City at the top of a Jazan Mountain overlooking the sea, on an estimated height of 250 meters above sea level. The castle takes a shape of square, with a total estimated area of 900 square meters and fortified with four huge towers.  
Al Adarissa Houses: it is remains of palaces and buildings of Al Adarissa Family, who ruled the region couple of years before the unification of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is located in the northern east of Sabiya Province. The style of construction gives an image of the architecture in the province, especially the decoration used at the time in the stony house as well as the mosque.     
Al Sharif Citadel: it is located in Samita City in the south of Jazan State. It dates to 1242 or 1249 A.H, in the reign of Al Sharif Mohammed Bin Abu Talib Al Khairat, the governor of Samita at the time. The building consists of two floors of tile, burned clay, and completed with wood. Reconstruction process occurred in 1333 A.H. in Al Adarissa reign, especially in the reign of Al Sharif Hamad Bin Mohammed Ali Makrami. Nowadays, the building is about to collapse and needs reconstruction; the last construction was a century ago.      
The Ottoman Castle: it is one of the antique building in Forsan Island and one of the the island symbols. It is located in the northern of Forsan; between Forsan and Al Masila Village on a strategic hill because it overlooks the whole of Forsan Town. It is built of stone and gypsum, a raw material Al Forsan Island is full of. Its roof is made of palm branches put on pillars of railway rods.
Loqman Castle: it is called by people of Forsan “Loqman Mountain,” and located on the left of the road moving to Al Mahraq Village. It is a hill that consists of group of square-shaped rocks and it is a sign of an old castle remains.  
Al Najdi Mosque: it is considered one of the old mosques of Al Forsan Island, which is built by the merchant of pearls Ibrahim Al Tamimi in 1347 A.H. The most important thing that the mosque is distinctive for is the Islamic inscriptions and decorations that are so much similar to ones in the Mosque of Al Hamra Castle.   

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Provinces of Jazan State and its centers

Provinces of Jazan State and its centers

Jazan consists of 16 administrative provinces include:
Sabiya Province:
Sabiya Province consists of 3 centers include: Qauz Al Jaa’fra Center, Al Aa’liya Center, and Kadmi Center. Also, there are number of villages such as Salhaba Village, Al Baher Village, Al Jadyyen Village, Jareeba Village, Al Dhabiya Village, Al Ghara Village, Al Mu’tared Village, Al Jammala Village, and Nakhlan Village.
Samita Province:
Samita Province consists of 3 centers include: Al Mawsem Center, Al Sahi Center, and Al Qifl Center. Also, there are many villages, for instance, Um Al Daraq Village, Al Hanini Village, Al Jaroob Village, Al Kharsha Village, Al Jarab Village, Al Tahriya Village, Al Sardah Village, Al Orouj Village, and Al Mukhtara Village.
Abu Areesh Province:
Abu Areesh Province consists of one center which is Wadi Maqab Center.
Jazan Province:
Jazan Province consists of two centers include: Wadi Jizan Center and Al Hakamiya Center.
Ahad Al Masarha Province:
Beesh Province:
Beesh Province consists of 4 centers include: Maslia Center, Al Haqo Center, Al Fatiha Center, and Al Khallawiya and Al Nujou’ Center. Also, there are several villages such as Beesh Al Olya Village, Al Gharif Village, Al Radha Village, Al Kadra Village, and Al Minzala Village.
Al Aa’rida Province:
Al Aa’rida Province consists of 3 centers include: Qais Center, Al Qasaba Center, and Al Humairaa’ Center.
Damad Province:
Damad Province consists of two centers include: Al Shukairi Center and Al Humma Center.
Al Darb Province:
Al Darb Province consists of 3 centers include: Al Shaqiq Center, Otoud Center, and Reem Center.
Al Aidabi Province:
Al Aidabi Province consists of 3 centers include: Ballghazi Center, Al Ozaien Center, and Al Jowayen Center.
Al Dae’r Province  
Al Dae’r Province consists of 5 centers include: Wadi Dafa Center, Jibal Al Hashr Center, Al Yahya and Al Zaidan Centers, Athwan Center, and Al Salaf Center.
Al Raith Province:
Al Raith Province consists of two centers include: Rakhia Center and Malates Center.
Al Harth Province:
Al Harth Province consists of two centers include: Al Khoba Center and Khashal Center.
Jozor Al Forsan Province
Horoub Province:
Horoub Province consists of 3 centers include: Manjad Center, Wosaa’ Center, and Razan Center.
Fifaa’ Province:
Fifaa’ Province consists of one center which Al Jowwa Center.

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