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Ha’il State is one of the administrative governorates in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, having Ha’il City as its place of principality.
Ha’il State is located to the west of the Kingdom and is ranked 7th in area that is 120.000 square kilometers and 8th in population which is 600.000 people.
Ha’il State is distinctive for the two mounts; Aja and Salma as well as an icon of generosity and openhandedness in the Arabic history Hatim Al Ta’i.  

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Current Government of Ha’il State

Current Government of Ha’il State

Nowadays, Ha’il State is ruled by His Royal Highness Prince Saud Bin Abd Al-Mohsen, the Governor of Hail, with His Royal Highness Prince Sa`ad Bin AbdulAziz as Deputy Governor of Hail State, and Dr. Sa’d Bin Homod Al-Bgomi as Agent of Hail State.

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Antiquity of Ha’il State

Antiquity of Ha’il State

Ha’il State contains plenty of antiquity and also considered as one of the richest areas of antiquity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for instance,   
Yatib: it is an antique mountainous location situating in the east of Ha’il State, 38 kilometers far from it. Its rocks have Thamudic writings and depictions.
Janin: it is a large mount in the east of Ha’il City, 60 kilometers far from it. There is a cave in the mountain with Thamudic and Amharic sculptures on its walls and depictions for people and animals attributed to prehistoric era.   
Fadak: it is a historical city known nowadays as the Wall and attributed to Ancient and Islamic eras. It is located in the south of Ha’il, 250 kilometers from it. It is found that it is contains statues and objects. It was given by prophet Muhammad -pbuh- to his daughter Fatima.   
Qafar: it is a historical city attributed to Bani Tamim tribe and its origins is attributed specifically to the 6th century A.H. It contains the largest remainings of Najdi City, castles, big walls. It is located 15 kilometers from Ha’il and includes the oldest city in it called Ghayyad surrounded by three walls.   
Fied: it is a name of an old oasis where the well-known Path of Zubaida going across it. Also, there are lots of wells, systems of irrigations, and Kharaash Antique Palace, which is attributed to pre Islamic era.    
Habashi Mount: it is rich area of antiquities. Also, there are houses remainings, towers, and cemeteries which are thought to be attributed to more than 4.000 years ago.  
Thoailabi: it is an area locating between Habashi Mount and Smira. It includes parallel stones with a distance of extension for each of about 750 meters.
Smira: it is an area locating 140 far from Ha’il. The floods exposed its antique landmarks among the significant of them are a one and half meters under the ground chamber. It is found there potteries with Islamic sculpture on them, some of these is attributed to 134 A.H.  
Dhayif: it is an antique site that have been found on its rocks Kufi and Thamudic calligraphy and depictions for people and animals.  
Al Sufun: is is an area locating 53 kilometers from Ha’il. Its mountains include Thamudic depictions, writings, cemeteries, and huge circular stones.  
Saraa’: is ia an antique village situating 50 kilometers in the south of Ha’il and it has wells, pre Islamic writings, pictures, and stony castles containing remainings of Asad Mount, Al Nufaishi Mount, Hadbaa’ and Darat Tai’.
There are also other areas such as Arkan, Al Mu'allaq, Al Sab’an, Al Mawyah, Twaren, Al Shimli, Jubba, Ghamra, and Laina, which all includes sculptures, cemeteries, and stones with various writings on them.   

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Provinces of Ha’il State and its centers

Provinces of Ha’il State and its centers

Ha’il consists of 8 administrative provinces as well as the realm of Ha’il State include:
Bagaa Province:
Bagaa Province consists of 15 centers include: Soil Center, Zubairah Center, Khuwair Center, Alajfr Center, Illaah Center, Hayaniya Center, Ushaiger Center, Shuaiba Water Center, Chihia Center, Baffling Center, Um Sarut Center, Nasiriyah Center, Alhalanah Center, Protoplasm Center, and Aljthiath Center.
Shannan Province:
Shannan Province consists of 17 centers include: Alkhvh Center, Tabah Center, Saarh Center, Adwa Center, Vid Center, Alamadih Center, Sakia Center, RCA Center, Obituary Center, Handsome Center, Albert Center, Sbaan Center, Oreija Center, Shri Center, Yellow Center, Alsgoa Center, and Peripheral Center.   
Ghazala Province:
Ghazala Province consists of 7 centers include: Mind ibn Jibreen Center, Proceeds pristine Center, Huwaidi Center, the roof of the Center, Mediator Alhven Center, Emerging Center, and Bida Ahoit Center.
Wall Province:
Wall Province consists of 16 centers include: Lower allied Center, Rod bin Hadi Center, Nbuan Center, Bitter Center, Alkhvaj Center, Sfit Center, Aldapeh Center, Alchwimms Center, Mrkzdharaguet, Dharguet Center, Faydat Center Bore, Supreme Allied Center, Bida bin behind Center, Climate Center, Eyal bin Obaid Center, and Alusah Center.  
Chemli Province:
Chemli Province consists of 9 centers include: White Nthel Center, Faydat bin Suwaylim Center, Well Alrphia Center, Ghazlana Center, Amir bin Sanaa Center, Western suburb Center, Fossula Center, Libdeh Center, and Sahot Center.
Salimi Province:
Salimi Province consists of 12 centers include: Bait Center, Alnhatah Center, Ajajh Center, Alosmamah Center, Mragan Center, Hgela bottom Center, Alrqub Center, Almarh Center,  Alaaithamh Center, Pond Center, Mountains Science Center, and Male Center.  
Moukq Province:
Moukq Province consists of 7 centers include: Mahfr Center, Brother Center, Alsnina Center, Dlihan Center, Alhver Center, Saeedan Center, and Owaid Center.   
Smira Province:
Smira consists of 9 centers include: Mind bin stilt Center, Mind son Danny Center, Great Center, Amid Center, Wash Center, Bracket Center, Aljaberiyah Center, Short Center, and Ohbria Center.    

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