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Eastern Province

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Current Government of Eastern State

Current Government of Eastern State

Nowadays, Eastern State is ruled by His Royal Highness Prince Saud Bin Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Governor of Eastern State.

Antiquity of Eastern State

Antiquity of Eastern State

Eastern State contains plenty of historical and military landmarks and tourism sites which are considered the most attracting areas for tourists to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for instance,   
Al Door Site: it is located in the north of Al Taraf in Al Ahsa. It is antique hills containing foundations of wiped out buildings and some building are recently discovered like: a building with an arena in the middle of it and most probably it is a market in the site. Also, a remaining of mosque is discovered in front of the market, as well as Islamic Village known as Al Door, which is attributed to the 9th to 10th century A.H, corresponding to the 15th to the 16th century A.D.   
Tarout Island: it is an island locating on the Arabian Gulf next to Al Qatif and linked with a natural bridge with a depth between 10 to 20 meter and 4 kilometers length, its area is less than 4 square kilometers. The historical City of Tarout is located in the heart of the island. Many significant antiquities in the island attributed to the First Age of Dynasties of Mesopotamia (before 4000 to 5000 years B.C) was discovered, and some others are attributed to different eras of the Persian Civilisation of Al Ailami and Al Mohenjodaro on the shore of the river of Al Sindh (nowadays, Pakistan) as well as Um Al Nar Civilisation which was in the southern area of the Arabian Gulf.        
Ain Qanas: it is located near the Village of Al Marah in Al Ahsa. There, a site attributed to Obaid Age is found and consists of many residential floors, the oldest parts are attributed to the modern stone age, which pushes to think that Obaid Culture developed itself and spread in the north in Mesopotamia. Such belief is confirmed by the discovery of sites of later Obaid Age in Al Dowaisiria area and Abu Khamis Hill in Ras Al Zor Area. Then, another islands near the shore  such as Al Maslamia and Jana Island are discovered as well. By the end of Obaid Age before 5500 years and the emergence of civilised Mesopotamia, the cultural and mercantile contact appeared between the surrounding centers of the Arabian Gulf.      
Thaj: it is located 80 kilometers in the west of Jubail City. Today, it is a small village on the edge of bog known as Thaj Bog. The antique research made by the Danish Mission in 1388 A.H as well as the Agency of Antiquity and Museums in the site between 1403 and 1404 A.H indicate that there are a whole city surrounded by external and huge wall built from stones with clear remainings and the length of one of its sides is 900 meters, and it is observed in the site the antique hills and the foundational walls of the houses. Among the antiquities discovered are pieces of pottery, glass, and jewels and others. The construction of the city can be attributed to the Greek Age known as Al Soloq Age in the beginning of the third century B.C.        
Ibrahim Palace: it is located in Al Hofuf and attributed to Prince of Al Ahsa in the reign of Imam Saud the Grand, Ibrahim Bin Efaisan. It is constructed in 974 A.H. in phases till 1000 A.H, with an area of 16.500 square meters. The palace is mingling between the military and religious style of construction. Inside it, there is a mosque called Al Quba Mosque and it is one of the mosque with one dome that covering the whole building; it is a unique type in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if it is not the only one as such.   
Khuzam Palace: it is located in Al Hofuf City and built in 1220 A.H, in time of Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz the Grand, with an estimated area of 12000 square meters. It is highly of a military nature, for it is used as barracks.
Al Aqeer Seaport: it is the major port of Al Ahsa on the eastern shore of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is an antique area linking number of heritage sites together. It includes old buildings such as the center of principality, customs house, and the mosque built in the beginning of the reign of King Abdulaziz. Also, Al Aqeer is considered among the old markets in the pre-Islamic era and connected with Al Mashar Market and Hajar Market. Al Aqeer Seaport witnessed the mobility and movement of Islamic armies that conquered Persia and India, and getting near the borders of China.   

Provinces of Eastern State and its centers

Provinces of Eastern State and its centers

Eastern consists of 11 administrative provinces:
Al Ahsa Province:
Al Ahsa Province consists of 26 centers include: Oraira Center, Odailiya Center, Al Oyoun Center, Jouda Center, Harad Center, Khurais Center, Al Hafayer Center, Um Rabea Center, Um Athala Center, Yebrin Center, Al Khin Center, Al Quaiba Center, Anbak Center, Fadila Center, Tha’balton Center, Sahma Center, Arada Centerm, Al Aqeer Center, Um Al Arad, Al Zaydiya Center, Al Seeh Center, Al Taweela Center, Shajaa Center, Al Muraibta Center, Al Daho Center, and Al Wasee Center.
Hafr Al Batin Province:
Hafr Al Batin consists of 23 centers include: Al Ruqai Center, Al Qaisuma Center, Al Saeera Center, Al Hamatiyat Center, Al Thaibia Center, Al Saddwai Center, Al Qalat Center, Al Nuthaim Center, Samooda Center, Um Qulaib Center, the Southern Mutbaha Center, Manakh Center, Al Sufairi Center, Al Hairaa Center, Al Suban Center, Khubairaa Center, Al Naifiya Center, Um Oshor Center, Al Metraqa Center, Um Al Suban Center, Um Kadad Center, Al Shefaa Center, and Al Sulaimaniya Center.  
Al Khafji Province:
Al Khafji Province consists of 2 centers include: Al Safania Center and Abraq Al Kabreet Center.
Jubail Province:
Jubail Province consists of 3 centers include: Josmeen Center, Jazeera Janna Center, and Abu Hordaba Center.
Al Qatif Province:
Al Qatif Province consists of 4 centers include: Safa Center, Seehat Center, Al Nabia Center, and Um Al Sahek.
Al Nuairia Province:
Al Nuairia Province consists of 22 centers include: Al Oyaina Center, Al Qalib Center, Al Kahfa Center, Atiq Center, Al Hessi Center, Al Zain Center, Al Sahhaf Center, Sarar Center, Mulaija Center, Antaa Center, Hunaith Center, Al Wanan Center, Thaj Center, Al Salmanyia Center, Al Nuqaira Center, Al Mulaiha Center, Al Hulaisya Center, Maqta Center, Ganwa Center, Um Al Sawad Center, Al Hanah Center, and Al Shfiya Center.

Al Khobar Province:
Al Khobar Province consists of 2 centers include: Al Dhahran Center and King Fahd Bridge Center.
Baqiq Province
Baqiq Province consists of 9 center include: Al Rajiha Center, Al Dughaimia Center, Yakrub Center, Fouda Center, Ain Dar Al Jadidah Center, Ain Dar Al Balda Center, Salasel Center, Khor Al Thiaba Center, and Al Fardania Center.
Al Qaria Al Olya Province
Al Qaria Al Olya Province consists of 18 centers include: Um Shaflah Center, Al Lahaya Center, Um Al Hushat Center, Um Oqala Center, Al Rufaiah Center, Al Shamiya Center, Al Shihia Center, Al Sheet Center, Al Aathria Center, Al Qalat, Center, Mashla Center, Al Lasafa Center, Al Farida Center, Radifat Al Qaraa Center, Um Qoor Center, Al Buwaibat Center, Matraba Center, and Al Mahwa Center.  
Ras Tanoora Province
Al Adeed Province:
Al Adeed Province consists of 2 centers include: Salwa Center and Al Bathaa Center.

In and around Eastern Province

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