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Current Government of Al-Baha State

Current Government of Al-Baha State

Nowadays, Al-Baha State is ruled by His Royal Highness Prince Mishari Bin Saud Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Governor of Al-Baha State.

Antiquity of Al-Baha State

Antiquity of Al-Baha State

Al-Baha State contains plenty of historical and cultural landmarks and tourism sites which are considered the most attracting areas for tourists to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for instance,   
Al Baha Museum: This museum is located in city of Baha and highlights the cultural and historical dimension of the area, besides providing community education and awareness. This museum is the creation of the Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities (SCTA). It was built on a land space of 2000 square meters, and opened to the public in 1424 (AH) corresponding to 2003. The museum includes the following: Museum display halls, administration, library, and warehouse..              
Mohammed Bin Misbah Museum: The museum has a separate building. The building is comprised of two main halls, each one covering an area of 12m × 10m, and three rooms measuring 8m × 6m each.
Exhibits are displayed in various settings, from glass cabinets to display stands, all arranged in a way to allow for easy viewing
The museum contains a library of the Saudi royal family photos, old coins, traditional jewelry and silverware, in addition to weapons and various tools of war. There are also old phones, traditional clothing, farming tools, kitchen tools, weighing and measuring equipment, palm-fronds and copper products.
Also featured are models for tar manufacturing, some wells, old doors and grain grinding tools.            
Dhi Ain Village: The Dhi Ain village was built at the top of a white stone mountain, and includes a number of small houses and mosques. The houses  have anywhere from two to seven floors. Locals used rocks carried by camels or on human backs from nearby mountain slopes to construct the homes. Roofs were made of Juniper trees brought in from nearby forests. Porches were decorated with quartz stone and arranged in closely aligned triangles. The village also has a number of fortresses used to defend and protect the village from raids or monitoring purposes.     
Al Khalaf and Al Khalif: located in Qalwa Province. They are two sites for two close cities separated by a distance of only 2 kilometers. There, many residences remains are found as well as the square shaped Al Khalaf Mosque which is with an area of 324 square meters and of a fortress nature represented in its high and thick walls and strength of the building. Unfortunately, Al Khalif mosque get ruined without any remains. The two sites are distinctive for several cemeteries within them as well as written inscriptions found dating back to the first half of the third century A.H. to the second half of the fifth century A.H. all in Kifu calligraphy with variety of Al Baseet, Al Moriq, and Al Mezher.               
Du’ain Village: It is located 24 kilometers in the west of Al Baha, on the right side of the road. It is situated at the top of a mountain and consists of 31 houses and small mosque. The house contains from two to seven floors and its walls are made of wood brought from Arar Forests. Balconies are decorated by the triangle-shaped of quartz. The towers are created in the village for the sake of guard and protection from intruders. It is famous for its fruit and banana farms till these day. The village dates back to 400 years B.C.          
Al Khitan Valley: it is a large valley located in Tehama Region in the south west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Water are available throughout the year. It has many tributaries of sub-valleys and moving toward the south crossing the sedimentary Namira Basin. It is also one of the main tributaries for Qanona Valley. Also, it was a residence of Al Awamer where Al Basoos War occurred.           
Al Asdaa’ Site: Al Asdaa’ Village is located above a hill with little height and with an area of 500m × 250m from the north to the south. It is reached by Al MukhwaaMakkah Road. The village consists of lots of houses, all include one room or several rooms as well as the vast courtyard. Its houses are built of stones without concrete and the thickness of its walls are 60 to 100 centimeters. In the middle of the village, there is a large palace with an area of 20m × 20m and it is in a good conditions. It has its external wall provided with 12 beams in order to increase its strength. The site includes two cemeteries, the first is 50 meters far from the village and with an area of 100m × 200m. There, many graves with simple carved Kufi calligraphy inscriptions written on them dating back to the early Islamic era.    

Provinces of Al-Baha State and its centers

Provinces of Al-Baha State and its centers

Al-Baha consists of 9 administrative provinces include:
Bljarshi Province:
Bljarshi Province consists of 4 centers include: Bani Kabeer Center, Balshahm Center, Al Janabeen Center, and Jard Center.
Al Mandaq Province:
Al Mandaq Province consists of 3 centers include: Barahrah Center, Daws Center, and Blkhazmar Center.
Al Mukhwaa Province:
Al Mukhwaa Province consists of 10 provinces include: Far’at Ghamed Al Zenad Center, Batat Center, Al Jowwa Center, Yabas Center, Nawan Center, Neera Center, Nasaba and Jibal Al Maswada Center, Shada Al A’laa Center, Shada Al Asfal Center, and Al Ahsaba Center.
Al Aqiq Province:
Qalwa Province:
Qalwa Province consists of 5 centers include: Al Hajra Center, Al Sho’araa’ Center, Al Jareen Center, Balsawad and Al Sowaidi Center, and Al Mohammadiya Center.  
Al Qura Province:
Al Qura Province consists of 5 centers include: Bani Odwan and Bain Harir Center, Bayda Center, Ma’shouqa Center, Nakhal Center, and Turbat Al Khayyala Center.
Bani Hasan Province:
Bani Hasan Province consists of 2 centers include: Baydaan Center and Wadi Al Sadr Center.
Al Hajra Province:
Al Hajra Province consists of 2 centers include: Al Jareen Center and Jardaa’ Bani Ali Center.
Ghamed Al Zenad Province:
Ghamed Al Zenad Province consists of 5 centers include: Al Far’a Center, Batat Center, Yabas Center, Nasaba and Jibal Al Maswada Center, and Tafala Center.

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