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Khamis Mushayt

Khamis Mushayt

Khamis Mushait is located in the heart of Asir State in south of the Kingdom, to the eastern north of Abha City. It is a mountainous City with a beautiful atmosphere making it an important place for tourism.
It has an official population of 500.000 people, with an estimated area of 800 square kilometers and 1850 meters above sea level.
Khamis Mushait City owns several names such as Jarash, Wahat Al Khamis, and Khamis Shahran.     

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Touristic locations at Khamis Mushait City

Touristic locations at Khamis Mushait City

The weather of Asir State in the south of the Kingdom makes Khamis Mushait a city of magic, with the mountainous location and wonderful landscape. In additions, Khamis Mushait contains many ancient places and historic locations; a strong magnet that enables Khamis Mushait to draw tourists of all nationalities; for instance, Bin Hamsan Antique Village which is located at Riyadh Road and includes the Stony Palace, Museum, Al Areesh, and Popular Dances Theatre, in addition to Bahes Village situating at Al Khamis Abha Road and contains residence, theatre, with many exhibitions dedicated for national and international industries held in the Village

Hotels At Khamis Mushait City

Hotels At Khamis Mushait City

Khamis Mushait City contains lots of hotels that utilize the natural magic of the City to promote tourism movement at Asir State and Saudi Arabia in general. And among these hotels: Mercure Khamis Mushayt, Airport Hotel, Qasr Al Sahab, Al Raha Rotana Hotel Apartments, La Casa Hotel Apartment, Melaf Suites, and Madar Al Khamis Hotel.

Places of entertainment and shopping at Khamis Mushait City

Places of entertainment and shopping at Khamis Mushait City

Khamis Mushait City is appropriate and beautiful city for entertainment. It contains many places for entertainment and fun; for example, Al Merath Park, Al Hiraby Park, and Asir Green Land Park. There are also many gardens that make the City more beautiful like: King Fahd Garden, Municipality Garden, Al Jabal Garden, Damak Garden, Al Diyafa Garden, Family Garden, Al Sharafiya Garden, and Al Aziziyah Garden Khamis Mushait also has a lot of well-known and popular malls that keep the City vital include; Asdaf Mall, Al Waha Center, Al Khamis Avenue, Akasia Mall, Souk Al Raya, Giant Stores, Center Point, Al Khamis Mall, and Sahara Mall. Besides, there are many restaurants serving delicious recipes and meals such as Happy Chicken Restaurant, Kudu Restaurant, Pizza Hut Restaurant, Al Mukhtar Restaurant for Fast Food, and Al Dailamoon Restaurant.

Hospitals and medical centers at Khamis Mushait City

Hospitals and medical centers at Khamis Mushait City

As for health organizations, there are lots of hospitals and medical centers that provide necessary medical services including
Khamis Mushait Hospital
Maternity and Childrens Hospital
King Fahd Military Hospital
Saudi German Hospital
Hayatt Hospital

Universities and colleges at Khamis Mushait City

Universities and colleges at Khamis Mushait City

Khamis Mushait City includes several institutes for Higher Education; for instance, King Khaled University, Applied Medical Sciences College, Society College, and Female Teachers Institute.


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