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Al Qassim

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Current Government of Al-Qassim State

Current Government of Al-Qassim State

Nowadays, Al-Qassim State is ruled by His Royal Highness Prince Faisal Bin Mishaal Bin Saud Al Saud, the Governor of Al-Qassim State and Mr. Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Humaidan as deputy of Al Qassim State.

Antiquity of Al-Qassim State

Antiquity of Al-Qassim State

Al-Qassim State contains plenty of historical and cultural landmarks and tourism sites which are considered the most attracting areas for tourists to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for instance,   
Al Ras Province: it is located in the southern west Al Qassim State, 90 kilometers far from Buraidah City. It is considered among the most ancient sites mentioned in the books of kingdoms and journeys. The word “Al Ras” in Arabic language means “the Well,” and it is said its name is based on this meaning. Al Ras is considered a large trading center for number of villages and towns around it.       
Riyad Al Khubairaa’ Province: It is located in the western part of Al Qassim State, 70 kilometers from Buraidah City. The Old Road of Al Qassim Al Madinah passes through it, meantime, the highway passes through the northern part of it. Riyadh Al Khubairaa’ Antique Town includes  old houses and it is be prepared to open for visits. Also, the Hebrew Museum for Antiquity and Classic Cars contains many precious antique pieces as well as including more than 50 old cars owned by the citizen Abd Al Rahman Bin Nasser Al Ebri.        
Al Asyaah Province: it is famous for agriculture and full of palms farms as well as Marid Palace and Dam. Among the most significant sites to visit in Al Asyaah Province are the Historical Palace of Marid which is one of the oldest palaces in the Kingdom and perhaps it is the only one dating to the Abbasid Empire according to the opinions of number of antiquity specialists who have visited the palace. Also, there Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Park which overlooks the famous Marid Dam in the province. It includes green lands and a lake which make the place more beautiful.  
Buraidah Museum: it is a museum that shows the most significant of the region heritage and includes many properties and historical, scientific, and cultural halls. Also, there is a special section of King Abdul Aziz Bin Abd Al Rahman Al Saud, the founder of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the King’s car. Furthermore, there are a hall for popular heritage and hall for Saudi Aramco. The visitor can read the published books about Buraidah City and Al Qassim State through the library of the museum.      
Al Bassam Antique Palace: it dates to 1957 and uniquely represents an architectural style of Najdi house in special period in Al Qassim State. It is one of the most important antique landmarks in the city and hosts many events.      
Al Sanqar Palace: it is an antique castle built in 1885 and it has only two citadels as remains, one locates inside the a modern building wall and the other locates to the north of the first one. Historical narrations tell that the palace is one of landmarks of Mohammed Ali Basha campaign on Najd during the Ottoman rule.  
The Antique House of Hamdan: it is a popular house built of clay and symbolises the old fashion of architecture in Onaiza. His owner turns it into an antique and tourism site and a popular house visited by Onaiza people and its visitors. Inside the house, there many antique rooms and sections such old drugs clothes as well as books. His owner aims at reviving the heritage of the ancestors and embodying it in reality for visitors through making figures he himself has designed for reflecting many traditions of the old days, and he gathers in each room of the house what fits it of the equipments and figures.          

Provinces of Al-Qassim State and its centers

Provinces of Al-Qassim State and its centers

Al-Qassim consists of 12 administrative provinces include:
Onaiza Province:
Onaiza Province consists of 4 centers include: Al Rawaghani Center, Abu Ali Center, Al Awshazia Center, and Wadi Janah Center. Also, there are number of villages such as Al Fakhriya Village, Al Bowaiten Village, Al Awniya Village, Al Wahlan Village, Wadi Abu Ali Village, Al Dal’a Village, Al Adae’n Village, Al Farda Village, Al Anbaria Village, Al Rafee’a Village, Al Ghabishiya Village, Al Mubarkiya Village, Al Barbak Village, and Al Naa’m Village.
Al Ras Province:
Al Ras Province consists of 6 centers include: Dakhna Center, Al Shananah Center, Al Ghaidaniah Center, Al Mattia Center, Al Khuraishaa’ Center, and Al Dahla Center. Also, there are many villages, for instance, Al Samooria Village, Al Khushaibi, Al Shbiki, Dariba, Al Ramthia, Al Hamja, Maska, Badaay’ Al Dab’aan, Al Beda’ Rafaye’ Al Lahib, and Al Mukhtara.
Al Muthannab Province:
Al Muthannab Province consists of 7 centers include: Al Malqaa’ Center, Rawdat Al Haso Center, Al Kharmaa’ Center, Samooda Center, Royayq Center, and Al Murabba’ Center. Also,  there are large number of villages such as Abu Khashaba Village, Al Thamiria Village, Al Thulaimaa’ Village, Nab’a Village, Al Jeraya Village, Al Haso Al Dakhili Village, Al Haqbaa’ Village, Al Kharam Al Janoubia Village, Al Kharmaa’ Al Shamaliya Village, Al Khusaifat Village, Al Ruhaimia Village, Al Rafaye’ Village, Al Ramahiya Village, Al Sahq Village, Luthan Village, Al Salhamiya Village, Al Showimaina Village, Al Salhiya Village, Al Tal’a Village, Al Tuqi Village, Al Aa’yer Al Janoubi Village, Al Aa’yer Al Shamali Village, and Al Abbadia Village.   
Al Bekairia Province:
Al Bekairia Province consists of 11 centers include: Al Shihia Center, Al Hilalia Center, Al Dalfa’a Center, Saq Center, Al Fowailiq Center, Kahla Center, Mashash Joroud, Al Artawi Center, Al Faida Center, and Al Najba Center.
Al Badaa’ Province:
Al Badaa’ Province consist of 4 centers include: Duhaimaa’ Center, Albaa’ Center, Al Ahmadiya Center, and Al Abraq Center.
Al Nabhania Province:
Al Nabhania Province consists of large number of centers include: Thadij Center, Abanat Center, Al Lughaifa Center, Al Batraa’ Center, Al Rawda Center, Ata Center, Ati Center, Al Hamja Center, Al Qaisoomia Center, Khadraa’ Center, Al Haninia Center, Al Zuhairia Center, Al Salibi Center, Al Busaibri Center, Al Rakna Center, Al Khutaim Center, Rafaye’ Al Lahib Center, Matraba Center, Al Ba’jaa’ Center, Al Badee’a Center, Oraifijan Sahooq Center, Al Marmootha Center, Al Tarafia Al Gharbia Center, Al Jardawia Center, Fayyada Center, Dubah Center, Jarar Center, Rafaye’ Al Humaima Center, Rafaye’ Al Hujra Center, Al Ghudaidaa’ and Al Salamat Center, Al Ufaihid Center, and Mudhaifir Center.
Riyad Al Khabraa’ Province:
Riyad Al Khabraa’ Province consists of 4 centers include: Al Namiria Center, Al Sabh and Al Hejaziya Center, Subaih Center, and Al Matbawi Al Shamali Center.
Al Asyaah Province:
Al Asyaah Province consists of 11 centers include: Khusaiba Center, Daida Center, Al Tanooma Center, Abu Al Woroud Center, Al Ja’la Center, Al Boroud Center, Hunaithil Center, Tarif Al Asyaah Center, AL Bandaria Center, Al Ba’thia Center, and Qubba Center.
Oyoun Al Jawaa’ Province:
Oyoun Al Jawaa’ Province consists of 8 centers include: Al Saliba Center, Ghaf Al Jawaa’ Center, Awthal Center, Al Taraq Center, Al Makhram Center, Rawd Al Jawaa’ Center, Kabd Center, and Al Kadadia Center.
Al Shemmasia Province:
Al Shemmasia Province consists of 2 centers include: Al Nabaqia Center and Um Hazm Center.
Uqlat Al Soqour Province  
Uqlat Al Soqour Province consists of 13 centers include: Al Haisoonia Center, Al Tarfawi Center, Qutun Center, Al Muhailan Center, Ambari Center, Thawqan Al Rakaya Center, Faidat Thubian Center, Al Humailia Center, Al Amayer Center, Shaqran Al Hajer Center, Al Jafn Center, Al Naqra Center, and Al Uqla Center.
Daria Province:
Daria Province consists of 13 centers include: Al Sa’mooria Center, Maska Center, Salam Center, Al Dhahria Center, Al Mutaiwi Al Janoubi Center, Badaa’ Al Dabtan Center, Buqaiaa’ Al Janoubia Center, Al Aa’qer Center, Faidat Al Rishia Center, Harlooma Center, leem Center, Al Qaaia Center, and Su’aneen Center.

In and around Al Qassim

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