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Groups & Booking for Business


Hotels are bidding through holdinn.com to offer you the best booking rate for business.

Booking hotels for business are directly from the hotels with the lowest possible rate. Hotels and sellers are using holdinn.com B2B and B2C platform to compete through bidding to provide you the lowest hotel booking rate for business. In one click, you Request for Quotation for hotels booking for business. it is brilliant and moreover, it is 100% FREE. Through holdinn.com you can book hotels for business, directly from the hotel with no middlemen, and pay to the hotel directly. Holdinn.com for business help you to book hotel rooms for:

  • Group booking
  • Frequent Booking for Business
  • Banquets
  • Meeting spaces.
  • And many other more.

Group Booking Types


Family Reunions


Sports Team








School Trips

Get started now

Book hotels through submitting Request for Quotation and get competing bids from hotels.

Who can use Groups & Booking for Business

Anyone whether an individual or a corporation looking to book 5 rooms or more, frequent booking, banquets, or meeting spaces. Types of businesses who may need such services:

  • Travel Agents
  • Tour Operator
  • Destination Management Company (DMC).
  • Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions/Events (MICE) companies
  • Group Travel Organizers
  • Event Management Companies.
  • Government administrations
  • Any Company needs Group Booking, Frequent booking, Banquets, or Meeting spaces.

How does Groups & Booking for Business work?

There is no charge for this service, 100% FREE.


Fill up the simple form

Fill up the form following the simple steps to specify your requirements.


Submit a Request For Quotation

At the end of the form clicking on “Submit & Send” through holdinn.com, you are sending directly to matching hotels a Request for Quotation (Invitation For Bid) through holdinn.com.Your request will be assigned to an expert from our business booking coordinators to take care of your request and follow up. You will get responses from hotels meeting your requirements.


Compare, Select or Negotiate

Compare Hotels responses to your Request for Quotation where you get the best available rate based on your requirements. You can negotiate online through holdinn.com and you can.


Confirm your Booking:

Confirm your booking directly with the hotel and pay the hotel directly with no intermediaries.


Confirm directly with the hotel

Complete and pay the booking with the hotels with no intermediaries


Lowest hotels rate for Groups & Booking for Business.

Get the lowest hotels rate for Groups & Booking for Business. Through holdinn.com you make tenders allowing hotels to bid and compete on your request, so you will get the lowest rate, GUARANTEED.

No Intermediaries.

Deal directly with the hotel with no intermediaries.

Let Experts do it for you, save Time and Efforts.

No more calling to the hotels, save time and efforts with our intelligent systems and experts business booking coordinators.

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