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Reasons to Book From HoldInn?

What is included in the room price?

The room price includes all facilities listed in the room descriptions. Click on the room name to see the facilities. Move your cursor over text in the "Conditions" to see what else included. Your account and the confirmation email have such information as well.

Can I book a room without a credit card?

Valid credit card is required some hotels to guarantee your room reservation. However there are growing number of hotels are guaranteed booking without a credit card. You can also have someone else's permission to book via their credit card. In such case please note the cardholder's name and confirm that you have permission to use this card in the "Special Requests" box.

How to verify my reservation is confirmed?

Just follow booking instructions till you complete requirement. You will get Booking Number on confirmation receipt. You can manage your booking and view it from your account at more over, you will receive confirmation email including all of you booking details.

Can I change or cancel my booking through

You can manage your booking through My Bookings . You can also cancel your booking as well but remember that hotel might apply the cancellation policy, so you should check the "hotel cancellation policy" in your booking receipt.

Can i see the hotel contact information?

In hotel page we show general hotel contact information in the property detail page. After you book the room we provide all contact details in your booking receipt. You can also have the details from you account at My Bookings

Is there any hidden costs?

Absolutely NOT, does not apply any service fees, and rooms booking cost will be clearly displayed for available rooms after you specify the dates.

Who can join the HAP?

Everybody is welcomed, anyone who is interested can be a partner with and earn money. Participate now in HAP and enjoy the benefits of offering the best hotel bookings for visitors and followers.

How do I sign up?

Just login in your as a customer, go to the Holdinn's Affiliate Partner program (HAP), read and accept the Affiliate Partner agreement.

Is joining HAP a free?

Absolutely,Signing up for Affiliate Partner Program (HAP) is completely FREE. If you need any further help regarding sign up process, please use contact us form from the homepage footer.

Is it possible to join HAP without a website?

Yes, of course, it is possible to participate in HAP without a website. You can share the links via Whatsapp blog, email, social media and any other means.

Can I add the link from any page on Will it work properly?

Yes, after you login, definitely you can add any link for any page such as homepage, specific city page or any page as it offers higher conversion results.

How can I earn money with HoldInn Affiliate Partner Program (HAP)?

We will pay you a commission for your affiliate hotel bookings. You will get the commission for new and recurrent booking according to the commission structure.

When I’ll get paid?

Payment would be on a monthly basis when reaching the minimum commission payout according to the commission payout criteria.

How to increase my commission income?

Placing affiliate links in larger traffic in websites, social media, and blogs. More booking from your affiliate is more commission you earn. The higher booking amount from your affiliate is the higher earned commission.

Does HAP require a specific time or specific length?

No, you are free to work whenever you want. We provide assistance to support and advise you on how to affiliate more revenue based on targeted country, city etc.

What is the Reward Points earning structure?

The Reward Points earning structure details is here.

How to be enrolled in Reward Points?

Only create an account with After you login to your account, you will be able to earn points in many ways and you can see the Reward points that you have already earned.

How can I redeem my earned points?

After you reach the minimum points, you will be eligible for cash back from your next booking.

How do I keep track of my points?

When you login in, you will be able to access your account. You can keep track of all your earned points in your account.

How to be enrolled in Employees Special Discount?

Only create an account with them from your profile select your reference organization.

Why do I have to update my profile with my organization and login to see the Employee's Special Discount?

Because it is a Employee’s Special Discount and provided to the only targeted audience.

How can I get this Employee's Special Discount?

Make sure you add your corporate or organization name to your profile and will be able to see all special discounts offered to your corporate or organization.

How long will the Employee’s Special Discount last?

Current offers and new special discounts are added continually.

How I can create an account?

From the main menu click on login,will have the option to log in or to create an account

What is Groups Booking for Business?

Groups & Booking for Business is a B2B and B2C platform for hotels booking for business based on tenders.

Who can use Groups & Booking for Business?

Anyone whether an individual or a corporation looking to book 5 rooms or more, frequent booking, banquets, or meeting spaces. Types of businesses who may need such services:

      1. Travel Agents
      2. Tour Operator
      3. Destination Management Company (DMC).
      4. Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions/Events (MICE) companies
      5. Group Travel Organizers
      6. Event Management Companies.
      7. Government administrations
      8. Any Company needs Group Booking, Frequent booking, Banquets, or Meeting spaces.

How Can I use Groups & Booking for Business?

If you have an account login and/or just start filling up the form and you will create a user account.If you have an account login and/or just start filling up the form and you will create a user account.

How Can I use Groups & Booking for Business?

If you have an account login and/or just start filling up the form and you will create a user account.

Is an intermediary or an online travel agency?

No, is not an intermediary nor a travel agency. runs users' Request for Quotation for hotels booking for business directly from the hotels.


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